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Primal Speed Sprinting Workshop

How to Master the Essentials of Sprinting- and dramatically boost your athleticism to an elite level.  Learn the most powerful Sprinting principles and become the top coach and trainer in your city.

Former collegiate sprinter and Senior RKC Franz Snideman reveals the top methods of speed training in this power packed one day workshop.

Primal Speed Sprinting Workshop
Chicago, Il, Unites States
July 22, 2012
08:00am - 05:00pm
 Most trainers and coaches praise the benefits of sprinting and routinely recommend to their clients and athletes to include sprint training in their programs. The problem and challenge most people face is that very few if any, have ever had SOLID, SAFE and MECHANICALLY correct coaching.  Since everything we do in life is a skill, sprinting is no different.

Sprinting, much like kettlebell training, is a very SPECIFIC and UNIQUE form of human movement that must be learned. Speed is a learned skill and sprinters are literally MADE from years of proper coaching and training. Even if people have no ambition to become track and field sprinters, EVERYONE CAN BENEFIT FROM LEARNING HOW TO SPRINT!!!!!!!!!

Here is a list of the many BENEFITS of Sprinting:
  • Sprinting stimulates the release of Testosterone and Growth Hormone
  • Sprinting is the ULTIMATE CROSS CRAWL pattern which can improve brain function and longevity
  • Sprinting is SUSTAINABLE over a life time
  • Increase in Metabolic Rate
  • Can improve elasticity in the stretch shortening cycle = IMPROVED FASCIAL FITNESS
  • Sprinting is about QUALITY first.....Quantity is not the goal!!!
  • Increased Full Body Speed and Power which means better Sports Performance
  • Increase in Fast Twitch Muscle Activation 
  • Excellent Methods for FAT LOSS
  • Can Build Muscle Mass
  • Improved function of Central -Pattern Generators
  • Sprinting can Save your life or the lives of others - SURVIVAL SPEED
  • Better Reflexive Stability
  • Bullet Proofs your joints, tendons, ligaments, bones and Connective Tissue 

So with that in mind we present to you the PRIMAL SPEED WORKSHOP, and your chance to join the Primal Speed Trainers database which will literally be marketed all over the world. 

Our goal is to create a network of high level coaches/trainers that know the in's and out's of high performance sprint training.

 The major difference in our methods is that Primal Speed is about improving HEALTH and MOVEMENT!  Our priority is to get you HEALTHIER and to take your movement potential to the highest level without compromising safety and health. If you are injured or if your training is hurting you, regardless of what it is, that is WRONG.  Just like we teach in the RKC, safety and performance are part of the same coin. They should never be divorced from each other.

How do we achieve this ability to improve performance and maintain safety?

Assessment and Screening, that is how. If you are familiar with Gray Cook and his Functional Movement Screen then you will fully understand the need to screen and assess clients and athletes before training them. It is the top priority in our PRIMAL SPEED System  because doing the screening up front and designing your sprint training around the screening process will allow you as a coach to implement the proper corrective strategies and keep the client healthy, happy and strong.

Their has never been anything like this in the world, a company dedicated to SPRINT training and dedicated to combining the best of all strength and conditioning methods and corrective strategies! 

Attend the Primal Speed Sprinting Workshop and leave with these top advantages:

  • Learn the proper mechanics of Sprinting
  • A proper understanding of why ARM MECHANICS are the place to start when improving sprint technique and alignment
  • Learn the what the SPRINT POSTURE is  and how to teach clients to master it
  • Learn about the PRIMAL MOVEMENT CONTINUUM, from rolling, rocking, crawling, walking, marching, skipping, running and then finally sprinting
  • Learn how to SCREEN and ASSESS clients for potential mobility and stability issues
  • Learn when and where you need to apply tension principles in sprinting
  • Master Relaxation drills and why FAST AND LOOSE drills are your key to dynamic power and speed
  • Vision and where the eyes need to be focused
  • Learn about IDEAL HAND AND FINGER position in sprinting
  • Learn why the FACIAL and JAW muscles can make or brake your sprinting performance
  • How to instantly take away shoulder and neck tension that may be sabotaging speed
  • Learn how to properly warm up before your sprint training
  • To stretch or not to stretch? We tell you how and why
Learn the following Sprinting Drills for Optimal mechanics:

  1. Marching-A’s, B’s
  2. Skipping
  3. Back skipping
  4. Side Skipping
  5. Karioka
  6. Butt Kickers
  7. A –Skips –
  8. B-Skips
  9. Running A’s
  10. Running B’s
  11. Step Over/ Drive Down
  12. Scissor Skips (Straight leg bounds)

The Importance of Warming Up- getting the body prepared for high-velocity sprinting is very important as risk of muscle strains and pulls is higher when greater forces are applied in such a short amount of time as when performing acceleration and speed work.
  • Also  learn how to combines RKC style methods of Kettlebell training with Sprinting

And discover all this and much more when you attend:
  • Why Linear speed is a MUST to focus on when you are LEARNING to sprint
  • ACCELERATION is they key to sprinting
  • Learn why 10's, 20's, 30's and 40 meter sprints are your ticket to SPEED CITY!!!
  • Discover the most effective methods for STARTS and ACCELERATION
STARTS (Flow versus Inertia Starts)- done for distances of 10-40 meters/yards

  • Body weight starts
  • Explosive Implement Starts (Kettlebell and medicine balls: between 2 and 6 KG)
  • Fast Grind/Resisted Starts
  • Agility + Acceleration
  • Plyometrics

MAX VELOCITY - We will ONLY discuss this topic at the workshop, Max Velocity work increases the potential for injury and takes many months of training to safely build up to this.
  • Full speed Sprinting - from FLOW START position  40 to 70 meters
  • Sprinting Mechanics at Top Velocity are different than acceleration mechanics
  • RELAXATION / Proper Arm Mechanics and the Balance between FRONT SIDE / BACK SIDE MECHANICS

  • Speed is King! Get Fast First. Acceleration and Quickness are the primary goals
  • Basic sprinting Templates for Athletes wanting to increase speed
  • Acceleration/Speed Days  Vs. Easy/Tempo Days
  • Why TEMPO DAYS - Slower Sprints and other BW or KB circuits to build up sprint specific GPP and the aerobic system
  • In season Sprinting protocols versus Off Season - for competitive Athletes (field and court)
  • What would an Acceleration Training Session look like from Start to Finish
  • What would a Tempo Training Session look like from Start to Finish
  • The Importance of Recovery! Implementing Recovery & Regeneration into the training process
  • The Importance of Massage (both self and hands-on)
  • Sprinting Program Design for FAT LOSS
  • Sprinting Progressions for ENDURANCE ATHLETES - how much, when and why?
  • Sprinting progressions for STRENGTH ATHLETES
  • Implementing Primal Speed with HKC, RKC, and FMS principles

Who can attend this workshop?

If you can walk or jog without pain you are more than likely a good candidate for this workshop. If you have any recent hip, back or knee injuries you may want to reconsider this workshop. Or you can attend for informational and learning purposes only without participating in the actual drills and hands on coaching. If you have any blood pressure or cardiovascular issues you may want to attend only for information purposes and/or consult your physician before attending.
Is this workshop only for track and field athletes?

No, absolutely not. This workshop is for people of all ages who have the desire to effectively and safely learn proper sprinting mechanics as well as how to teach and coach sprinting to others. You do not have to be a track and field athlete and you do not have to have any prior sprint training.

Will I be able to coach people how to sprint after the workshop?

Learning how to sprint yourself and feel the proper sprint position and mechanics will go a long way in helping you coach others.  Although it is not essential that you yourself are a world class sprinter, you must learn the proper mechanics and understand the scientific principles involved with sprinting

Is there any physical testing involved at the workshop?

No, although we do go over the screening and assessment to teach you how to do this on your clients. A Primal Speed certification is coming in the near future where there will be some specific physical testing.

Will this information be relevant for an aging and older clientele?

Yes, it will be very relevant because seniors and older adults often lack the ability to produce force quickly . Power training is very needed in these older populations because it can help protect them against falls and injuries and improve reflex stabilization.

Registration:  $199

e-mail: for more information

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