Sunday, January 24, 2010

Return of the Kettlebell Seminar was Awesome!!

On Saturday January 16th we hosted Pavel as he taught his famous ROTK seminar. It was a jam packed day as he went over his very effective double Ketttlebell seminar and the subtleties of double kettlebell exercises. I want to thank all the participants who came out and created a great atmosphere for learning and training. Many RKC's were in attendance and it was great meeting many new people.

Yoana and I also want to thank Pavel and the following RKC's who helped out:

Senior RKC Jon Engum
RKC TL Dr. Mark Cheng
RKC TL Paul Daniels
RKC TL Michael Castrogiovanni
RKC Cassie Charlebois

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Overall, here are some take home points that we all need to know and apply:

  • T-Spine mobility and shoulder health is a must prior to embarking on the ROTK program or if you plan on doing double KB drills overhead. You might be able to get away with single KB overhead work with one KB but it's never going to happen with two KB's. If you lack mobility you will injur yourself and see zero progress. That means that for all of us with tight shoulders that we have got to normalize our T-spine and shoulder mobility.
  • The Drills that Pavel taught for improving T-Spine Mobility were a combination of hanging in different angles from a TAPS bar and the other ones resembled positions you would find in the Turkish Get UP. He also did an incredible Thoracic extension drill that you performed over the knee and thigh of a partner.
  • Pavel also emphasized the importance of the abdominal musculature doing its' job and stabilizing the rib cage on the pelvis. We did many combinations of PLANKS but one of the most effective variations was a fisted plank on one arm. Think of a Renegade Row but with no kettlebells. Place the fist underneath you and allow zero rotation in your body. Your pelvis must be totally square to the floor and you must be braced (abs, glutes and lats maximally engaged).
  • Doing Double Snatches and then into double military presses is difficult. And then immediately adding the Front Squats after that sequence is BRUTAL!!!
  • On the Clean and Jerk Pavel taught a new technique with the intention of doing a small leg extension on the DRIVE portion of the JERK. Tough to explain....I'll have to make a video soon and share it with everyone.
  • The Program Design section alone was worth the price of admission. Pavel taught us a new program that bridges the gap between the ETK and the ROTK. He calls it: ETK PLUS
  • The ETK + is a nice hybrid program that allows you to use double KB drills and still be able to compete in sports or do other activities. The ROTK does not afford you that luxury as the intensity and volume are too much to realistically do anything else. You can find the ETK + article at: and click on MILO: A Journal for Serious Strength Athletes. You will have to subscribe to the online magazine for a fee but it is an awesome journal that is well worth the price.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Miami HKC: Final Week to Sign Up

With Senior RKC David Whitley
RKC Team Leader - Yoana Snideman
RKC Team Leader - Franz Snideman

Sunday February 7, 2010
Miami, Florida

Sign up now to reserve your spot!!!!!

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