Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Seminar you have been waiting for....

New Seminar Combining Sandbags,
Kettlebells and Ropes


Josh Henkin, CSCS RKC TL
Franz Snideman RKC TL, NMT
Yoana Snideman RKC TL, PT

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you satisfied with your current training results?

  • Are you satisfied with the results of your clients?

  • Are you bored with your current training and ready for a change?

  • If you are a fitness professional are you ready take your business and training to the next level?

  • Are you as lean as you would like to be?

  • Are you as strong and powerful as you should be?

  • Do you know what your major weaknesses are?

If you answered "no" to any of those questions you owe it to yourself and your clients to take this seminar and learn from coaches who have literally been in the trenches helping people like yourself transform and significantly improve their fitness and athletic ability for a combined 40 years. If you are ready to learn from 3 seasoned veterans who help people acheive their goals every day, than mark your calendars for the last weekend in May and get yourself to San Diego.

Sandbags, Kettlebells and Ropes Seminar!!!

When: Sat May 30 - Sun May 31

Where: Revolution Fitness, San Diego, CA

Cost: $199
(register by April 1st and save $30)

High Octane Sandbag Training


The Revolution Solution: Combining Ropes and Kettlebells for Maximum Fitness and Fat Loss

Here is what's going to be covered:

High Octane Sandbag Training - by Josh Henkin, CSCS, RKC TL

  • Learn why sandbags are the favorite tool of the best athletes in the world

  • Find out how to create programs that will not only produce amazing results, but make sure you never get bored!

  • Discover over 100 drills that you can start using tomorrow!

  • Learn how to challenge beginners or elite athletes

  • See how to you will never need to perform another core exercise

  • Find out the secrets to eliminating most causes of back and shoulder pain

The Revolution Solution: Combining Ropes and Kettlebells for Maximum Fitness and Fat Loss - by Franz and Yoana Snideman, RKC Team Leaders

  • Learn how to successfully integrate kettlebells and ropes for maximum fat loss

  • Discover over 30 rope drills that you can instantly use and apply to your training

  • Learn how Franz and Yoana utilize kettlebell and ropes for power and speed athletes

  • Learn over 10 drills that combine ropes and body weight exercises

  • Learn how to perform the actual kettlebell / Rope programs that Franz and Yoana use with their clients and in classes

  • Learn how to effectively SMOKE your client in less than 5 minutes with one Rope/ Kettlebell Complex

    And the Grand Finale....

How to Effectively Combine Sandbag, Kettlebell, and Rope Training!

Each day will consist of 8 hours of jam packed information. This seminar is HANDS ON, so come ready to learn and ready to work. You will be moving, training and challenging yourself with some of the best conditioning tools out there.

Sandbags, Kettlebells, Ropes and DVD Products
will be available for purchase at a discounted price!

Sandbags, Kettlebells and Ropes Seminar!!!

When: Sat May 30 - Sun May 31

Where: Revolution Fitness, San Diego, CA

If you have questions e-mail us at:

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New DVD Coming soon!

Yesterday Yoana and I filmed a new DVD we are calling " The Revolution Solution": Combining Ropes and Kettlebells for Maximum Fitness and Fat Loss. We ended up filming the instructional section in our gym and the workout section outside on a cliff overlooking the ocean (spectacular views). It should be ready by the beginning of April.

Why did we film a DVD on ropes and kettlebells? Because we find the combination of ropes and kettlebells to be a highly effective way to increase fitness levels and increase fat loss. If you have not tried the combination of these two powerful tools we can assure you that they are challenging and RESULTS producing.

We will be taking pre-orders fairly soon and will update the blog as soon as that happens!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pistol Progressions and Tips | Yoana Snideman

In this video Yoana explains how to progress from a pistol on a high box, to a low box and then eventually all the way down to the ground. The pistol is one of the best single leg exercises you will ever do. Is it challenging? Big time. But if you get this exercise down you will not only have a highly powerful strong set of legs, you will have legs with muscle and less bodyfat.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Abdominal Training using the Wheel

People always ask us for abdominal exercises. Well, here you go then. For less than ten dollars you can purchase a wheel and when performed properly, your ABS will get stronger and will get more toned ( I hate that word). Check out as Yoana and I show you how to perform the "evil wheel" the correct way.

Also keep in mind that no exercise will melt off fat from the midsection if you are wolfing down too many calories on a daily basis. Long term you must cut your calories and optimize the quality of food you take it. Remember the term, "Junk in, Junk out." If you eat junk food just remind yourself that the cells in your body will be replaced with the food that you are eating. Do you really want your eyeball tissue and liver cells to made from Krispy Creme doughnuts and Big Macs?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Double Kettlebell Fat Loss Routine

Double kettlebell drills are a favorite of mine. If you have never done double KB drills you are missing out! You can keep the movements rather basic as the increased weight will provide quite a new challenge. The double KB drills will work you, BIG TIME! Check out this video where I demonstrate a very effective double KB routine! Enjoy!