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Return of the Kettlebell Workshop with PAVEL

How to Dramatically Increase your Kettlebell Strength, Build Muscle and Lose FAT with Double Kettlebell Drills

One Day Workshop with CHIEF RKC PAVEL

Also Featuring:
 Senior RKC Doug "Kilt" Nepodal
 RKC Team Leaders Yoana and Franz Snideman
 RKC Team Leader Lauren Brooks
 RKC Team Leader Paul Daniels

When: Saturday January 15, 2011

Where: La Jolla, CA

What is the ROTK Program?

If you are familiar with kettlebells and have successfully been through Pavel's “Enter the Kettlebell” program, you will not want to miss this seminar as it represents “the final fruit of Pavel's research – combining the very best of ancient lifting wisdom with modern day scientific break-throughs.” 

The primary focus for Pavel's new program for Explosive Muscle Gain and Fat Loss is the proper use of Double Kettlebell movements.

What will this Seminar do for me?

I'm going to take a wild guess that you are a kettlebell enthusuast, am I right? I'm also going to jump out on a limb and assume that you are not HAPPY with your current results and that you desire to be STRONGER, LEANER and more FLEXIBLE! Let's also throw in the possibility that you would also like to have better conditioning that will tranfer over to your every day life.   Are these assumptions correct? I believe in all sincerity that they are correct.   

Their are many reasons to take this seminars but the number one reason in my experience on why you should invest your VALUABLE time, money and effort in this workshop is that Double Kettlebells SAVE YOU TIME!!!   

Since TIME is the most  valuable thing you have, you owe it to  yourself to invest in information that will get  you FASTER REUSLTS and in LESS TIME!  Pavel's ROTK methods are pure genius.  SHORT, BRIEF and INTENSE training sessions get you to your goals faster. 

That means you spend less time training and more time living life with the health, strength and vitality that you deserve. 

What are the main Double Kettlebell Movements?

You will have Pavel personally teach you how to maximize and improve the following movements:

  • Double Cleans
  • Double Front Squats
  • Double Snatches
  • Double Presses
  • Double Jerks
  • Double Viking Push Presses
What else will I learn? 

Mobility, Stability and SPEED!!!!!

  •  Increase your thoracic, shoulder and hip mobility 
  •  Increase your athletic potential and performance by learning how to explosively use your hips
  •  Skyrocket your cardiovascular fitness and stamina 
  •  Make your joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments more resilient 

Double KB drills have a very GLOBAL effect on all systems of the body, including the hormonal system, the nervous system and the muscular system. Double Kettlebell exercises means faster gains in muscle, strength, power and stamina! 

What Else Will I Learn?


– Why the Ketlebell is superior to a barbell for repetition quick lifts
- How to perform the Double Clean
- The importance of the “V” grip for the double cleans and why your rotator cuff will love it
- The proper rack position for guys and for girls
- Why and how to fully straighten out your arms in all overhead kettlebell lifts
- Why not to “scoop” and how to correct it
- The importance of breathing behind the shield
- How to match your breathing properly: Anatomical vs. Biomechanical
- How to perform he DOUBLE SNATCH – The Ultimate Expression of Full Body Power
-How to build huge shoulders and your upper back with the FRONT RAISE SNATCH
- How to perform the Side Raise Snatch
- The Single VIKING PUSH PRESS for Viking Muscles
- The difference in grip between the Kettlebell Press and Kettlebell Push Presses and Jerks
- The Correct Spine and Rack position for JERKS and PUSH PRESSES
- How to Dip properly in the Jerk
- How to Drive and then Drop explosively in the DOUBLE CLEAN AND JERKS

-But that's not all, you will also learn how to GRIND AND GROW:

-The Double Press for Double Muscle Gains
-The Double Military Press done after a Snatch
-Learn how to Squat well in only half an hour
-Learn how to find your proper squat stance
-Learn how to find your netural spine and decrease back pain
-Open up your hips with the RKC Hip Flexor Stretch


-How to get Mobile Shoulder for effortless overhead lifts
-How use a pull up bar to open up your chest and T-spine
-The Kettlebell Straight Arm Pullover
-Why hanging from a pull up bar is great for flexibility and spinal decompression
-The difference between the RKC and Girevoy Sport Rack Position for Jerks, Push Presses, and Presses
-Why the overhead walk is necessary for shoulder mobility and shoulder stamina
-Pressing from partials squats


- Kettlebell Touch and Go Sumo Deadlifts with 2 Bells
- Learn about the Russian secret of TWO WEEK BLOCKS
And so much more! Pavel will literally share his best muscle and strength building techniques for FAST RESULTS! You are guaranteed to get much stronger and more reslient from this workshop!

Here are some of the TESTIMONIALS we received from Last Years ROTK Workshop with Pavel!

The Return Of The Kettlebell workshop was amazing!!!!!! Anyone that has a chance to take a workshop with Pavel and misses the experience is cheating themselves. Not only did my skills improve at the ROTK workshop I became a better trainer because of the knowledge Pavel shared with us.
David White, RKC Level II 
Dear Yoana and Franz,
Thanks for putting on such a great seminar! With such an advanced program as Return of the Kettlbell, the hands on technical guidance of Pavel and the rest of the instructors was worth the price alone. Learning the ins and outs of the program was invaluable as well. Even if one doesn't intend to undertake the ROTK protocal itself, we learned enough about it's concepts and applications that one could apply them to various other protocals and be a better trainer and lifter for it.
Dennis Rittenhouse RKC 
This was one great workshop, and after having had a chance to go home and try out the movements we learned, I realize just how good it actually was. The level of instruction was nothing short of superb; there were plenty of instructors to go around and each was dedicated to making sure you were learning what to do and how to do it correctly. While I was worried that I wouldn't fit it due to my age, 60+, I found just the opposite (although the Amazon women scarred the hell out of me!) The pacing was just right as we moved constantly with time for breaks. It started on time and ended on time and by the end of the day, you knew you had been Pavelized!
Dana Strout 
Pavel's Return of the Kettlebell seminar was worth every penny. The instruction covered large areas of training with incredible detail. Expect to fill pages with notes even if you've read the book and practiced the drills; whether you're an RKC or not. You'll improve upon Enter the Kettlebell drills, build the Return of the Kettlebell skills, learn how to incorporate everything into a cohesive program, and even gain a few surprise additions to your training toolbox. A day-long seminar will give you enough information to work through for months of training at home.
K.C. Carnine, NASM CPT and RKC

I had a great time at the seminar. I only discovered kettlebells about a month before attending so I was pretty green with it all. An hour or so in, I realized the whole thing was going to be way over my head and started to worry the day would be a total waste. Quite to the contrary, the Revolution Fitness team was so generous with their time and attention. They were with me at every exercise helping me get the most out of it and take my KB training to the next level. I learned so much.
Thank you.
Londin Winters 
"Just arrived back in DC and wanted to post a belated thank you to both of you for organizing a fabulous event. The instruction and information provided by Pavel was, yet again, exceptional. Well worth the trip from the east coast. The ETK+ protocol was especially intriguing to me and one I will put to good use. I hope you repeat this workshop in the future and I encourage all to attend. Thanks again to both of you, Pavel, the other instructors and attendees for creating a very special event."
Best Regards,
Jim Skislak 
Don’t miss your chance to learn from Pavel himself, the perfect blend of instruction and hands on practice. It is an unsurpassed opportunity to learn from the Chief, all the material in ROTK and then some. You just can’t get that kind of instruction from the book alone. Pavel has an amazing ability to help individuals “connect the dots” between reading and doing! I am so grateful I was able to attend! Lots of “ah ha” moments to be had!
Petra Vanbaar, RKC

Thanks for organizing this quality event! I appreciate the work you did providing hotel and restaurant information prior to the workshop and for putting together the dinner plans afterwards. I enjoyed the workshop and learned a great deal. The people attending were all enthusiastic about learning. Pavel is always an amazing teaching experience. The assistant instructors were also helpful. There was a lot of new information in the ROTK workshop. From double kettlebells to the tactical pull up bar and TRX applications…lots of great information that I’ve been applying since my return. Thanks again for hosting.
Ron Jones, MS, RKC

Here what Strength coach and RKC Team Leader Dan John has to say about this magnificent program:

"I'm not sure I can speak highly enough about "Return of the Kettlebell." Maybe it's the little things, like how we are walked through the squat with pictures that answer so many questions for the novice or the several pages dedicated to the Hip Flexor stretch. Honestly, the devil is in the details when it comes to working the hips and shoulders and the RKC system is clearly miles ahead of anybody else when it comes to exacting explanations of how to deal with the "four knots."

It could be the "big things." I never thought much of Double Kettlebell Cleans because I have such a history with the O lifts. Maybe, just maybe, it could be because I never did them right! Something as simply as the "V" position changes the lift forever and, if you need to be gassed, go right ahead and do a set of ten. Not enough, add some Front Squats.

I'm not sure most people reading the book will understand the challenge of the training system outlined. A double snatch followed by double presses followed by Front Squats? Good luck! "

Dan John RKC TL
And here is what Master RKC Jeff O'Connor has to say:

As a casual read, this is a fantastic book and anyone will benefit from the knowledge shared. But, for the serious student of the "Iron Game" this book (like all of Pavel's) deserves multiple reads. The details and training gems contained in this book are numerous and invaluable. It's not about the sets and reps, it's about the technique and application. Using the lessons taught in this book will definitely pack dense athletic muscle on your frame. Don't cheat yourself, earn it with ETK and then apply RTK. You will get results.

Jeff O'Connor, Master RKC - Talala, OK

And read what Master RKC Mark Reifkind has to say about ROTK -

"Pavel hits another home run with his new book "Return of the Kettlebell". I shouldn't,nor should anyone, be surprised at this considering the his already state of the art and groundbreaking body of work but here he goes again, covering new ground and teaching us all that the applications of the kettlebell are much deeper than anyone ever thought.

One of the main things that differentiates Pavel and the RKC from every other 'wanna be' kettlebell course or book is that the man understands the bell is a tool and HOW one uses it is the key to creating an almost unlimited array of training gains, from insane cardiovasuclar endurance to, now, incredible muscle growth, all with the same basic tool.

Using the key principles of the RKC, just in new configurations, Pavel teaches us how to 'muscle up' with double bell work, overload eccentrics and how to use explosive power as well as high tension to get the job done and build some serious muscle.

When powerlifing squat god Donnie Thompson says double bell front squats make him work then ALL should listen!Bravo Pavel, again, for leading the charge of the bleeding edge of the state of the art.No matter what the training goal, Pavel has a kettlebell solution that WORKS. Get this book and dvd! "


Mark Reifkind Master RKC Instructor - San Jose, CA


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