Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Okay, finally I am getting around to using this incredible Blog. As a strength coach, I more than anyone, know the power of setting goals and tracking my progress. Let's jump in.

Primary Training Goals:

#1) Continue to Develop Strength, Power and Mobility for Sprinting. Event 60m to 100m
(3 weeks ago ran 2 x 60 meter dash at Long Beach State University, times. 1st heat = 7.4 (took fifth place. 2nd heat = 7.2 - won the race)

#2) Assuming my lumbar spine is pain free I will train for the May TSC. The deadlift, pull up and the 5 minute snatch test actually compliments my training for the 100 meter dash. The deadlift will help my force production and the start, the pull up are good for arm swing, and the 5 minute snatch test is good for GPP (and that pukey feeling I sometimes get after sprinting in competition)

#3) Be creative and imaginative in my training, always remembering to listen to my body. Last year was the worst year I have ever had in terms of back pain (annular tear L-5/S-1). Finally my back is feeling better and I would like to continue that trend.

#4) Live and train with the daily principle of Quality over Quantity. Also, can I sustain the progress and training? If not, I must question what I am doing.

Today will perform Hip stretching (glutes, hip flexors, quads, Hamstrings, adductors) as well as neck and shoulder stretching (Upper traps, scalenes, Levator Scap, Pecs and lats)

Yesterday's Training 2/27/06

Felt rather fatigued, not well rested, but needed to do something.

Warm up:
KB Military Press

36 x 5/5 x 1
53 x5/5 x 1

Steel Log Clean and Press + Burpee

70(log weighs this without anything) x 5 x 4 sets

KB two handed swings

53 x 20 x 4

Wow. I thought that would be relatively easy. It cooked me alot more than I thought it would, sweating like a billygoat. What got me the most were my forearms. So pumped up with blood from holding onto the log and the KB.

Note: Need to foam roll my forearms daily and stretch my forearm flexors. Will start working finger and wrist extension exercises to improve the inbalance.

That's it for now.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Welcome to My Training Blog

I am very excited with the addition of this blog to our webite where I will share my training methodologies and experiences. The quest for strength, power and speed has been a passion of mine my high school track and field days. Now at 32, the passion is still burning strong and learning is more fun than ever. I have been very blessed to learn from the best minds in the strength and conditioning, health, and self growth fields. My prayer is that this training blog will help others to expand their knowledge and encourage others to challenge themselves more than they thought they were capable of. Blessings!

Franz Snideman