Thursday, June 10, 2010

How To Have It All From Your Kettlebell Workouts

My good friend, Geoff Neupert, Master RKC, just had his long-anticipated book, "Kettlebell Muscle" published.

I bought it.

You should too.

Here's why - 

I first met Geoff way back in 2005 at our buddy Josh Henkin's house. He was doing a free seminar on Olympic Lifting. It was great information. He made it so simple, but best of all, applying what we learned from him yielded fantastic results!

And that's pretty much it about anything I've ever used or seen that Geoff's done - fantastic results! 

For example, I'm currently doing his "Kettlebell Burn" program (sorry I checked with Geoff - it's off the market until he puts the finishing touches on it) and I wanted to modify it, because honestly, I don't need to be any smaller.

So I called him up and asked him what I should do. He told me how to modify and "voila" - I got the desired results I was looking for! (Yoana's doing the program too and seeing great results too...)

Back to "Kettlebell Muscle" - Geoff has come up with a unique approach to literally have it all. In this book, he shows you not only how to get stronger, but leaner, and better conditioned too. And the best part is that you can do it all in less than 75 minutes a week! You read that correctly, less than 75 minutes per week.

So, you really can have it all - you can get stronger, change the shape of your body, lean out, and get in phenomenal shape when you use "Kettlebell Muscle."

But, Geoff wanted me to tell you that this book is NOT FOR EVERYBODY. If you've been using kettlebells for less than a year - don't buy this book. You should also have some experience with the double kettlebell exercises.  If you don't, you shouldn't buy this book.

If you have any questions about "Kettlebell Muscle," Geoff is doing a FREE call where he'll answer any questions you may have. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you take advantage of this offer because you'll be surprised at how much you will learn.

So here's what you need to do now to take advantage of this one time offer:

1. Go ask Geoff your biggest question here:


2. Make sure you copy down the following information about the call or print out this email:

=> When: Thursday, June 10th, 2010, 8pm EST, 5pm PST

=> Where: (919) 424-5871, Conference ID: 890301# 
    (Local numbers:

3. And finally, make sure you get on the call 10 minutes early - there are only 100 lines available and you'll want to make sure you're on to see if Geoff answers your question.

See you on the call!