Tuesday, December 08, 2009

HKC Prep Course in Miami and Upcoming HKC

HKC Prep Course in Miami

When: Saturday December 19th, 3pm -5pm

Where: Host by: Equilibria Fitness
9851 NW 58 ST, SUITE 114 DORAL FL. 33178

Click here for sign up info

And coming in February........

Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification is coming to Miami!!
February 7, 2010
With Senior RKC David Whitley
and RKC Team Leader Yoana Snideman
RKC Team Leader Franz Snideman

Sunday February 7, 2010
Doral, Florida

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Return of the Kettlebell Seminar with Pavel


with Pavel

Learn the Quickest Way to Build Muscle, Achieve Fat Loss and How to Increase Strength, Power and Stamina

When: Saturday January 16 9am - 5pm
Where: La Jolla, CA


You have until November 1, 2009 to get 150.00 off.

Early Bird Registration: $349 until November 1
$399.00 until November 30
$499.00 after that

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kettlebells in Spanish!!

Kettlebells are invading Latin America!!! We are very excited to announce the release of "Kettlebells En Espanol: Movimientos Basicos." This is an instructional DVD going over in detail the six RKC Basic Movements:

1) Swing
2) Turkish Get Up
3) Clean
4) Military Press
5) Snatch
6) Squat

Everything is in Spanish and we are already planning a very busy 2010 for seminars and events in Miami and South America!!!


Monday, November 02, 2009

Fall is here….changes are healthy!

Well, fall is finally here and I am excited. I love the change of seasons even though you could argue that San Diego really has 2 seasons: Great weather and good weather. The weather in San Diego has got to be one of the most comfortable and best climates in the world……and that’s a FACT!

Life has been very busy! Busy and super productive. Here is a quick recap of the last couple of months and of the months to come:

Return of the Kettlebell Workshop with Pavel

Yoana and I are very excited to be hosting Pavel on Saturday January 16, 2010 for the RETURN OF THE KETTLEBELL workshop. It is going to be an amazing workshop that will take all who attend to a completely different (and higher) level. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. The turn out will be great and the level of instruction will be top notch. Many top level instructors such as Mark Cheng, Mark Toomey, Michael Catrogiovanni and Paul Daniels to name a few will be there. Rumor has that the IRON TAMER himself may come….but that is to be determined.

April 2009 - We moved Revolution Fitness to a much nicer location in downtown La Jolla.

June 2009 - Yoana and I went to RKC Level II ---- we were team leaders there but learned more than we could have ever imagined. We were both totally blown away by the material and the entire direction of the RKC school of strength. It truly is a school and one that I am damn proud to be part of.

August 2009 - RKC San Diego - the first and most highly attended RKC certification ever! It was awesome having it in our back yard. Both Yoana and I had the privilege of being TEAM LEADERS at this event. It was as this RKC that Yoana told me that she was pregnant! BEST news ever! Baby number two is due in April!!!!

August - Dragon Door announced they would carry our new ROPE DVD: The Revolution Solution: Combining Ropes and Kettlebells for Maximum Fitness and Fat Loss. I am very excited about our rope program and getting it cranking in the Kettlebell community. The bottom line is that ROPES rule and if you are not using them, you need to be!

October 2009 - Yoana and I filmed the first ever Kettlebell Instructional DVD in SPANISH. We are very excited about this project and about introducing the HARSTYLE of Kettlebell Training to the Spanish Speaking countries of the world.

November - 2009 -Changes to our Website are coming….

So far 2009 has been a very productive year and a year in which a lot of goals were realized. All in all we are super blessed. The absolutely biggest blessing has been watching my 22 month old daughter Marianna grow and change daily. Being a parent is challenging but by far the most rewarding endeavor I have ever done!!!!! All you parents out there will understand!!!

Very exciting time to be alive…the world is a bit crazy right now but we all have the power to help many people with their health, their strength and by encouraging them to live better lives. Sorry for the rambling…just some thoughts and experiences I wanted to share with everyone!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Return of the Kettlebell Workshop with PAVEL

Learn the Quickest Way to Build Muscle, Achieve Fat Loss and How to Increase Strength, Power and Stamina

When: Saturday January 16 9am - 5pm
La Jolla, CA

Pavel is coming to San Diego to teach in person his best selling book and DVD "Return of the Kettlebell."

What will this seminar do for me?

-Dramatically increase your strength using double kettlebell drills
-Increase muscle while decreasing unwanted body fat
-Increase your full body power which means “more speed”
-You will become more explosive, harnessing more POWER than you have ever experienced
-Increase your thoracic, shoulder and hip mobility
-Increase your athletic potential and performance
-Skyrocket your cardiovascular fitness and stamina
-Make you more resilient

If you are familiar with kettlebells and have successfully been through Pavel's “Enter the Kettlebell” program, you will not want to miss this seminar as it represents “ the final fruit of Pavel's research – combining the very best of ancient lifting wisdom with modern day scientific break-throughs.”

The primary focus for Pavel's new program for Explosive Muscle Gain is the proper use of Double Kettlebell movements. Why double kettlebell drills?

Double KB drills have a very systemic effect on all systems of the body, including the hormonal system, the nervous system and the muscular system. Double Kettlebell exercises means faster gains in muscle, strength, power and stamina!

What will you learn?


– Why the Ketlebell is superior to a barbell for repetition quick lifts
- How to perform the Double Clean
- The importance of the “V” grip for the double cleans and why your rotator cuff will love it
- The proper rack position for guys and for girls
- Why and how to fully straighten out your arms in all overhead kettlebell lifts
- Why not to “scoop” and how to correct it
- The importance of breathing behind the shield
- How to match your breathing properly: Anatomical vs. Biomechanical
- How to perform he DOUBLE SNATCH – The Ultimate Expression of Full Body Power
-How to build huge shoulders and your upper back with the FRONT RAISE SNATCH
- How to perform the Side Raise Snatch
- The Single VIKING PUSH PRESS for Viking Muscles
- The difference in grip between the Kettlebell Press and Kettlebell Push Presses and Jerks
- The Correct Spine and Rack position for JERKS and PUSH PRESSES
- How to Dip properly in the Jerk
- How to Drive and then Drop explosively in the DOUBLE CLEAN AND JERKS

-But that's not all, you will also learn how to GRIND AND GROW:

-The Double Press for Double Muscle Gains
-The Double Military Press done after a Snatch
-Learn how to Squat well in only half an hour
-Learn how to find your proper squat stance
-Learn how to find your netural spine and decrease back pain
-Open up your hips with the RKC Hip Flexor Stretch


-How to get Mobile Shoulder for effortless overhead lifts
-How use a pull up bar to open up your chest and T-spine
-The Kettlebell Straight Arm Pullover
-Why hanging from a pull up bar is great for flexibility and spinal decompression
-The difference between the RKC and Girevoy Sport Rack Position for Jerks, Push Presses, and Presses
-Why the overhead walk is necessary for shoulder mobility and shoulder stamina
-Pressing from partials squats


- Kettlebell Touch and Go Sumo Deadlifts with 2 Bells
- Learn about the Russian secret of TWO WEEK BLOCKS
And so much more! Pavel will literally share his best muscle and strength building techniques for FAST RESULTS! You are guaranteed to get much stronger and more reslient from this workshop!

Here what Strength coach and RKC Team Leader Dan John has to say about this magnificent program:

"I'm not sure I can speak highly enough about "Return of the Kettlebell." Maybe it's the little things, like how we are walked through the squat with pictures that answer so many questions for the novice or the several pages dedicated to the Hip Flexor stretch. Honestly, the devil is in the details when it comes to working the hips and shoulders and the RKC system is clearly miles ahead of anybody else when it comes to exacting explanations of how to deal with the "four knots."

It could be the "big things." I never thought much of Double Kettlebell Cleans because I have such a history with the O lifts. Maybe, just maybe, it could be because I never did them right! Something as simply as the "V" position changes the lift forever and, if you need to be gassed, go right ahead and do a set of ten. Not enough, add some Front Squats.

I'm not sure most people reading the book will understand the challenge of the training system outlined. A double snatch followed by double presses followed by Front Squats? Good luck! "

Dan John RKC TL

And here is what Master RKC Kenneth Jay has to say:

"Now Pavel sets the standard from man to monster in his new and absolutely magnificient book Return of the Kettlebell. If Enter the kettlebell gave you the strength and physique of Spiderman then Return of the Kettlebell will make your skin green and turn you into a copy of Dr. Bruce Banner's alter ego.

Pavel has outdone himself and laid out the plan for explosive muscle gains and extraordinary strength- only one thing is required of you if you chose to follow the path.. you gotta have the heart to follow it through... just be careful you don't Incredibly HULK your shirt in the process :) "

Kenneth Jay, MRKC - Slangerup, Denmark

And read what Master RKC Mark Reifkind has to say about ROTK -

"Pavel hits another home run with his new book "Return of the Kettlebell". I shouldn't,nor should anyone, be surprised at this considering the his already state of the art and groundbreaking body of work but here he goes again, covering new ground and teaching us all that the applications of the kettlebell are much deeper than anyone ever thought.

One of the main things that differentiates Pavel and the RKC from every other 'wanna be' kettlebell course or book is that the man understands the bell is a tool and HOW one uses it is the key to creating an almost unlimited array of training gains, from insane cardiovasuclar endurance to, now, incredible muscle growth, all with the same basic tool.

Using the key principles of the RKC, just in new configurations, Pavel teaches us how to 'muscle up' with double bell work, overload eccentrics and how to use explosive power as well as high tension to get the job done and build some serious muscle.

When powerlifing squat god Donnie Thompson says double bell front squats make him work then ALL should listen!Bravo Pavel, again, for leading the charge of the bleeding edge of the state of the art.No matter what the training goal, Pavel has a kettlebell solution that WORKS. Get this book and dvd! "


Mark Reifkind Master RKC Instructor - San Jose, CA


You have until November 1, 2009 to get 150.00 off.

Early Bird Registration: $349 until November 1
$399.00 until November 30
$499.00 after that

This may be Pavel's most comprehensive Kettlebell seminar ever.......take advantage of this and sign up!

I just talked with Senior RKC Doug Nepodal and he said he will be there as will RKC Team Leader Mark Toomey.

It will be an event for the record books..........make sure you are there as more and more Seniors and Team Leaders (and perhaps some MASTER RKC"S) will be there as well!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

San Diego RKC

Another RKC has come and gone! The pleasure of this RKC was having it in our own backyyard, beautiful La Jolla! The JCC was the perfect location with an easy 2 min walk to the Marriott Hotel. Overall it was the best RKC I have ever been to!

My regret is that I didn't take a group photo of my group: TEAM FRANZ :(
All of the students were fantastic and reminds me of why being part of the RKC community is so special. A huge CONGRATULATIONS to all the students who took the RKC and to all the newly minted RKC's! For those that didn't pass, many will pass soon by completing the snatch test or sending in a video of improved Ketllebell technique.

Below are some photos of both Team Franz and Team Yoana combined and then Team Franz.

My assistant Instructors and Yoana's assistants were phenomenal and absolutely rocked! Thank you to Os, Naina and JJ...you guys rule!!!!! Steve, Dustin and Fran...great working seeing you all!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This Guy is Amazing!

Every now and then you see someone move in a such a way that it makes you question the potential of human movements and what is possible. Without a doubt Demian Walters (the guy in the video) is such a person! The things he can do just flat out amazes me........watch the video and let me know what you think.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Great Video about Moving Naturally

Found this cool video from RKC Os Aponte's Facebook page. Really makes you want to run around in the wild and feel primal! It is such a cool time to be alive right now because we can use the base of knowledge we have about health, physiology and training and take it outside and move, have fun and explore our bodies and what they are capable of. The only thing I would change from the guy in the video is that I would wear my Vibrams's outside to have a bit of foot protection.

In this video you will see the guy use all of his bio-motor abilities:
* Strength
* Power
* Coordination
* Agility
* Endurance
* Mobility
* Flexibility
* Speed

and tons of different types of movements:

* Squating / Lunging / Stepping
* Crawling / Rolling / Flipping
* Sprinting / Jumping / Walking / Running
* Pushing / Pulling / Climbing
* Throwing Objects / and more.....

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Sign up for the Double Kettlebell Seminar with me and Senior RKC Geoff Neupert

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Okay...I admit it......

I am a BREAKDANCING freak. My twin brother Keats and I used to have a breakdancing "crew" growing up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We used to take a piece of congolium (similar to linolium) down to the Santa Fe plaza on the weekends and breakdance in front of the public. It was a total blast and to this day I still have aspirations of getting back into breakdancing....although not sure I have the mobility to do what B-Boy Junior does in the following video. This guy is the best breakdancer I have ever seen, PERIOD!!!!!! Check it out and let me know if that doesn't inspire you to move more and move with more grace, power and motor control!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tip # 2 for Better Pistols

In our first video I went over the importance of starting the pistol from the ground up and learning how to properly set your feet to activate all the leg muscles. In this video I go over Tip # 2 for better pistols!

Click the Link below to learn about a powerful workshop that my good friend Geoff Neupert Senior RKC and I are doing in San Diego in September. Check it out if you are serious about strength and faster results:

Double Kettlebell Seminar with Geoff Neupert / Franz Snideman

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Powerful Tip for Better Pistols

Watch this video to figure out how I was able to learn pistols on my weaker left leg.

Another reason why keeping your first metatarsal was explained to me through an e-mail by Senior RKC Geoff Neupert. Geoff says the following:

"Also, another reason to keep the big toe down is the flexor hallicus longus runs from the big toe to the tibia - it is an ankle plantar flexor. But when the foot is down, like in the pistol, and the knee comes forward, it is stretched. It then becomes a knee extensor - as it contracts it pulls the tibia back on top of the ankle, therefore acting on the knee from below..."

To learn more tips from myself and Geoff click the following: More Tips

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Controvery over "Balance Training"

While in Phoenix last weekend visiting my twin brother Keats Snideman, we were able to briefly interview him about the topic of "balance training." Keats dispelled many of the myths in the fitness industry and gave some great advice on how we might improve balance and overall athleticism.

Watch and let me know your thoughts!

Keats'website is www.coachkeats.com

I am also excited that he will be attending the RKC in San Diego this August. It will be awesome to have him in the RKC family!!!

To sign up for our newsletter go to www.revolutionlajolla.com

Monday, June 22, 2009

How to Improve your Pull Ups Video: Part Two

Okay.....here it is. The long awaited part two video on how to increase your pull up power. In the last video I talked about the importance of shortening your abdominal muscles and literally ZIPPING up all the muscles in your torso. That means your pelvis and rib cage come close together before doing the pull up. That is what tightens up the midsection and creates more compression which in turns creates tremendous strength and power. Compression means more strength!!!!

In this video I talk about overloading your lats with a handstand push up against the wall and then immediately going over to the pull up bar and firing one perfect powerful pull up. Why does this work? Well, I don't really know but my guess is that the handstand push up overloads your lats to such a high degree that you end up hyper-stimulating the LATS to the point where your once slow weak pull up now feels fast and powerful. I had one of my clients do this and it really helped her!!!

Give it a try and give me you feedback!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ropes and Kettlebells: Our New DVD!

We are excited to announce our new DVD, "The Revolution Solution: Combining Ropes and Kettlebells for Maximum Fitness and Fat Loss." We wanted to come out with an educational product that shows how we integrate Kettlebells and Ropes together. Ropes are an excellent compliment to kettlebells for many reasons.

This DVD is very unique as it explains in detail the foundational rope exercises that we use in our training studios in San Diego. If you have not used ropes you must try them because they get the body very fit and conditioned in a very short period of time. In the next 3 to 5 years you will start seeing almost every gym in the country with Ropes. We have been fortunate enough to always gravitate toward the best training methods and mark my words; ropes will be HUGE in the fitness industry.

Purchase Here

Here is what's covered in the DVD:

*Learn how to successfully integrate kettlebells and ropes for maximum fitness, fat loss and overall conditioning.

*Be an early adopter! Men's health recently called rope training the "2009 Best Cardio tool of the year." Be one of the first trainers in your area to use this incredible tool.

*Discover over 30 rope drills that you can instantly use and apply to your training.

*Learn how Franz and Yoana utilize kettlebells and ropes for power and speed athletes.

*Learn over 10 drills that combine ropes and body weight exercises.

*Learn how to successful design programs for your clients with kettebells and ropes.

*Learn how to perform the actual Kettlebell / Rope programs that Franz and Yoana use with their clients and in classes.

*Learn how to effectively SMOKE your client in less than 5 minutes with one Rope/ Kettlebell Complex.

Get the DVD Here!

Friday, June 05, 2009

If Civilization Ended today.....Would your fitness help you?

When I first took the RKC certification in April of 2003, I remember then Senior RKC Rob Lawrence saying that if civilization ended tomorrow, a kettlebell would be a practical way to stay fit because you could literally travel with it and bring with you wherever you went. Let's take a different scenario ( a rather scripted movie like end of days scenario, I know), imagine if civilization ended as we know it. No more ruling government, no technology, no civil laws or courts; just bands and tribes of people trying to eat, survive and protect themselves from nature and others.

Here is the question I ask of you: Would your current methods of fitness help you?

Could you survive? Would you have the strength, power, speed, explosiveness, agility and mental toughness to stick it out and protect you and your family? If this answer is NO, you probably stick to a fitness regimen of Pilates, Yoga, walking and Richard Simmon's "Sweating to the Oldies." I don't have a problem with people doing Yoga, Piliates (although I do have a problem of people sweating to the oldies with Richard Simmon) or even walking. There are wonderful things one can learn from Yoga and Pilates, and walking of course is a pre-requisite for living. The challenge I have is with the mindset that by themselves Yoga and Pilates as a stand alone system are enough to prepare you for living in perilous times.
Let's take Yoga for example. I know some Yoga practitioners that can flat out perform some amazing things. Handstands isometric puh ups, incredible balancing poses that would make spider man crincge, and many more. The health benefits to learning how to breathe properly and let go of tension obviously are a plus. But let's go back to initial quesion. Would this be the best way to condition your body and mind for an "end of civilization" scenario. I would argue that it is not the best way. A way, yes, the best way, no! Long static yoga poses do little to increase the CNS's ability to recruit the muscular system in an explosiv way that would be required. Yoga also would not help you lift a 200 pound boulder out of the way to make room for setting up camp.

Now for Pilates! YIKES! I think there are many principles that are beneficial in Pilates such as long spine and creating length in your structure. But to dedicate the majority of you time to performing exercsies lying on your back or in a prone position seem rediculous in my book. If you do Pilated please don't e-mail hate letters because I am not saying you cannot do Pilates or that there in zero benefit, but to EXCLUSIVLEY use pilates as your only method for fitness is a huge mistake. The load (springs) you use in Pilates is not real in my book. Pick up a heavy deadlift off the floor or press something heavy overhead. Even swinging a kettlebell blows away any functionality claims that the Pilates people swear by.

The bottom line......if your fitness doesn't make you function better and perform better while standing on your feet....... you wouldn't survive long if civilization ended. Is your Yoga and Pilates giving you the real world fitness you would need to survive? I am fully confident that people who include deadlifts, RKC style kettlebell training, some sprinting or intense type of running, bodyweight explosive exercises and odd object/strong man training would do very well in the scenario I am talking about. That doesn't mean you shouldn't stretch, do Tai Chi, Z-health and other parasympathetic activities, it just means you should perform standing full body movements such as :

  • Deadlifts and all of their variations

  • Cleans

  • Snatches

  • Squats

  • Presses (both horizontal and vertical)

  • Rows (pull ups as well)

  • Shouldering exercsies with all sorts of different objects

  • Lunges and Stepping patterns

  • Jumping

  • Climbing

  • Crawling

  • Sprinting

  • Throwing (this would be very important for killing food)

  • and more......

Those would constitue the basic movements you would need to be able to perform well and with precision.

Power to us all! I certainly hope civilization doesn't end tomorrow :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vibram Five Fingers: My New Digs

Very excited that I bought my first pair of Vibram Five Finger (VFF) Shoes last weekend. I've been following others people's blogs about these shoes for the last year and was instantly ingrigued the first time I saw them. I have worn them every day since I got them and here are my immediate thoughts on the VFF's:

1) My hips and ankles have more mobility, as does my t-spine. There is an exercise called the DECK SQUAT which I usually cannot do well because I lack mobility in my hips and ankles. Well, that has all changed with my VFF's. The deck squat is now rather simple and feels very fluid and loose. I haven't done any strething in a while, so the only thing that has changed is my wearing of the new shoes.

2) ENERGY is much better! Overall I feel more ALIVE, more in tune with my body. I think because the shoes are practically like being barefoot, I have have a better connection to the ground and the earth. It's almost like my feet have been in a coma for 35 years and they are finally starting to WAKE UP! It is a liberating feeling to wear the Vibram's and the thought of wearing my other normal shoes sounds horrible. Now granted, I have only worn them for 4 days so far, but if I feel this good, why would I go back to the heavier, thicker soled shoes?

3) Posture and Gait have improved! I have pretty funky gait because I have a fairly big assymetry in my pelvis. My right leg has always been substantially shorter than my righ tleg and because of that I have always had awkward gait. Even though my gait is still light years aways from being perfect, it just feels better. This is subjective, but I feel as if my feet are starting finally move. Always had stiff tight feet and perhaps this is my road to foot mobility NIRVANA!!!

4) Feel my toes working and moving! I have a really difficult time extending my toes, especially my big toes. I have suffered from Turf Toe (a stiff big toe) since I was a child. My toes are finally starting to move thanks to the shoes!!!

I will post more in the weeks to come on my experience with the Vibram Five Finger shoes. My advice to all of you would be to get a pair of FREE you feet from shoes!!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Betsy Collie RKC II and Geoff Neupert Senior RKC

The following videos are of Betsy Collie RKC II and Senior RKC Geoff Neupert from North Carolina. Fist of all, both of them are not only some of the nicest people you will ever meet, they are both gifted athletes in their own crafts. Watch these two videos and please do not try them at home! Betsy and Geoff are very talented and super strong!!!!!! To say I am impressed is an understatement!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Kettlebell Juggling

Found this You Tube Video of KB Juggling and RKC Dan Cenidoza's website! WOW! This is super amazing as I have never seen anyone do what this guy can do with a kettlebell! You have got to check this out!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ropes and Kettlebells! The Perfect Fat Loss Combo

Let's be totally honest.....most people deep down inside want to look good and be lean. Yeah, yeah.....I know, people want to function good and move well. But if you were to honestly ask yourself why you workout and eat well, being lean and looking your best is probably highest on the list. There is an emotional need for people to feel comfortable in their own skin.

We have found Ropes and Kettlebells to be one of the best combinations for quick effective fat loss. Once you try our fat loss workouts with ropes and KB's you will be convinced as well.

Just a reminder that our Ropes, Sandbags and Kettlebell Seminar is on May 30 & 31 at Revolution Fitness in La Jolla, CA. The registration deadline is May 5 so be sure to sign up before then!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Something is Happening at Revolution........

After 4.5 years at our current location we are moving Revolution Fitness to a new facility located in downtown La Jolla on Girard Avenue, one the nicest and busiest streets in all of La Jolla.
We are grateful that we had the experience of growing our business in our current location on La Jolla Blvd.
There will be more classes and some very new and exciting programs happening at Revolution!!
So stay tuned for more details about the new facility.

Improving your Pressing Strength

One of the true tests of full body strength and power is the ability to press a heavy weight overehead. If you have not completely experienced the benefits of kettlebell military pressing, perhaps now is the time to start performing this incredible exercise. For those of that have experience with the kettlebell military press we want to give you some extra tips that could increase your pressing strength.

One of the principles that I learned from my twin brother Keats Snideman and strenght Coach Charles Staley some years back is the concept of "same but different." Essentially what this means is that rather than totally abondon the movement you are trying to get stronger in, try performing the same movement but in a different way. For example, rather than doing the strict kettlebell military press you could try the following variations of presses:

1) KB Palm Press

2) Bottoms Up KB Press

3) Double KB Press (2 KB's in the same hand)

Why does the "same but different" principle work? It works because it forces you to recruit your muscles and body in a slightly different way. For example, the Palm press for many people improves the "groove" or pathway of the military press, enhancing the biomechanical efficiency of the press. The Bottoms up press in a similar way can also improve the groove of your pressing pattern as well as strengthen your wrist (which in most people is a huge weakness). The Double KB Press totally overloads your grip causing the central nervous system to over recruit practically every shoulder, arm, hand and finger muscles as well as a huge overload on your CORE.

The bottom line is that if you have stagnated in your pressing or are just bored with your pressing, try one or all of these movements for the next 6 to 8 weeks and watch your kettlebell military press sky rocket to a new level!

Let us know what you think about this post and the video!

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Yoana TGU with 24kg

Okay...........I have a confession to make! I am so tired of hearing girls talk about their "FEAR" of getting bulked up by lifting weights. What a crock of sh*t. My lovely wife Yoana weights barely 110 pounds is not "big" or "bulky". Most women erroneously believe that weight training means huge muscle growth. Well, muscle growth is a great goal and one that I believe we should all do...but gaining muscle is just flat our difficult. Any muscle a women gains is for benefit and is not a "negative" at all.

In fact I would claim that most muscle gain on a woman would probably make them smaller, not bigger. Just look at Yoana. She is not big. If you were to take ruler measurements of her arms, hips, abdomen and thighs, they would probably be much smaller than the average woman. The bottom line is that gaining muscle will make you look harder, more dense and more athletic. Gaining muscle is very hard work and takes years of proper nutrition, recovery and intelligent training. The fear of getting huge is based on a myth and just isn't a reality for most women.

The goal of women should be similar to men..........get strong, stay strong, be strong.

Yoana is stronger than most average men. Give a 24kg kettlebell to most men and they will not stand up with it, and definitely not as gracefully as Yoana does.

Bottom line....lift weights......perform big movements like Turkish Get Ups, Presses, Pull ups, Deadlifts, Squats, Cleans, Swings and Snatches and watch your body get hard, ultra strong and watch your stamina / conditioning go through the roof!

Let us know what you think about this post and the video!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yoana's Power Workout

Of all the bio-motor abilities, POWER may be one of the most important. What exactly in power? Power is the ability to express the strength you have quickly and explosively. A Powerlifter who can deadlift 700 pounds is exactly more strong than he is powerful. Powerlifting should actually be called STRENGTH LIFTING because all that matters is that the weight eventually gets off the floor. There is no time limit in powerlifting. A heavy deadlift may take the athlete 15 seconds to get up. But if the deadlift is eventually finished than it is a valid and legal lift.

Olympic lifters are true power athletes, as are sprinters. Moving a weight off the floor as in the barbell clean and jerk requires tremendous strength and POWER. Watch an accomplished Olympic lifter and you will see that bar fly up very quickly. Or watch a 100 meter sprinter burst out of the starting blocks and you will see POWER.

Research has shown that elderly people don't fall because they lack cardiovascular endurance or balance, they fall and break their hips because they lack power. They lack the ability to recruit their muscles quickly and therefore their "breaking" mechanism turns on too late or even worse, doesn't turn on at all. That is when the broken hips and fractured pelvises eventually get the best of many elderly people.

If you are still alive, you need to work on POWER! Regardless of your age, power is a quality that will make you make faster, make your body more resilient and frankly will improve your quality of life!

Watch as Yoana takes you through a POWER workout based on speed and quickness!

Please let me know your thoughts about Power training and Yoana's workout!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


There are few exercises as effective as the pull up for upper body strength and power. This version that I'm going over in the video is called the tactical pull up, which is exemplified by a rigid, tight body and contracted mid section. Ideally the tactical pull up will have more narrow grip than I am showing in the video.

Please leave your comments on the video. I would love to hear what you all think about pull ups!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Seminar you have been waiting for....

New Seminar Combining Sandbags,
Kettlebells and Ropes


Josh Henkin, CSCS RKC TL
Franz Snideman RKC TL, NMT
Yoana Snideman RKC TL, PT

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you satisfied with your current training results?

  • Are you satisfied with the results of your clients?

  • Are you bored with your current training and ready for a change?

  • If you are a fitness professional are you ready take your business and training to the next level?

  • Are you as lean as you would like to be?

  • Are you as strong and powerful as you should be?

  • Do you know what your major weaknesses are?

If you answered "no" to any of those questions you owe it to yourself and your clients to take this seminar and learn from coaches who have literally been in the trenches helping people like yourself transform and significantly improve their fitness and athletic ability for a combined 40 years. If you are ready to learn from 3 seasoned veterans who help people acheive their goals every day, than mark your calendars for the last weekend in May and get yourself to San Diego.

Sandbags, Kettlebells and Ropes Seminar!!!

When: Sat May 30 - Sun May 31

Where: Revolution Fitness, San Diego, CA

Cost: $199
(register by April 1st and save $30)

High Octane Sandbag Training


The Revolution Solution: Combining Ropes and Kettlebells for Maximum Fitness and Fat Loss

Here is what's going to be covered:

High Octane Sandbag Training - by Josh Henkin, CSCS, RKC TL

  • Learn why sandbags are the favorite tool of the best athletes in the world

  • Find out how to create programs that will not only produce amazing results, but make sure you never get bored!

  • Discover over 100 drills that you can start using tomorrow!

  • Learn how to challenge beginners or elite athletes

  • See how to you will never need to perform another core exercise

  • Find out the secrets to eliminating most causes of back and shoulder pain

The Revolution Solution: Combining Ropes and Kettlebells for Maximum Fitness and Fat Loss - by Franz and Yoana Snideman, RKC Team Leaders

  • Learn how to successfully integrate kettlebells and ropes for maximum fat loss

  • Discover over 30 rope drills that you can instantly use and apply to your training

  • Learn how Franz and Yoana utilize kettlebell and ropes for power and speed athletes

  • Learn over 10 drills that combine ropes and body weight exercises

  • Learn how to perform the actual kettlebell / Rope programs that Franz and Yoana use with their clients and in classes

  • Learn how to effectively SMOKE your client in less than 5 minutes with one Rope/ Kettlebell Complex

    And the Grand Finale....

How to Effectively Combine Sandbag, Kettlebell, and Rope Training!

Each day will consist of 8 hours of jam packed information. This seminar is HANDS ON, so come ready to learn and ready to work. You will be moving, training and challenging yourself with some of the best conditioning tools out there.

Sandbags, Kettlebells, Ropes and DVD Products
will be available for purchase at a discounted price!

Sandbags, Kettlebells and Ropes Seminar!!!

When: Sat May 30 - Sun May 31

Where: Revolution Fitness, San Diego, CA

If you have questions e-mail us at: revoinfo@revolutionlajolla.com

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New DVD Coming soon!

Yesterday Yoana and I filmed a new DVD we are calling " The Revolution Solution": Combining Ropes and Kettlebells for Maximum Fitness and Fat Loss. We ended up filming the instructional section in our gym and the workout section outside on a cliff overlooking the ocean (spectacular views). It should be ready by the beginning of April.

Why did we film a DVD on ropes and kettlebells? Because we find the combination of ropes and kettlebells to be a highly effective way to increase fitness levels and increase fat loss. If you have not tried the combination of these two powerful tools we can assure you that they are challenging and RESULTS producing.

We will be taking pre-orders fairly soon and will update the blog as soon as that happens!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pistol Progressions and Tips | Yoana Snideman

In this video Yoana explains how to progress from a pistol on a high box, to a low box and then eventually all the way down to the ground. The pistol is one of the best single leg exercises you will ever do. Is it challenging? Big time. But if you get this exercise down you will not only have a highly powerful strong set of legs, you will have legs with muscle and less bodyfat.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Abdominal Training using the Wheel

People always ask us for abdominal exercises. Well, here you go then. For less than ten dollars you can purchase a wheel and when performed properly, your ABS will get stronger and will get more toned ( I hate that word). Check out as Yoana and I show you how to perform the "evil wheel" the correct way.

Also keep in mind that no exercise will melt off fat from the midsection if you are wolfing down too many calories on a daily basis. Long term you must cut your calories and optimize the quality of food you take it. Remember the term, "Junk in, Junk out." If you eat junk food just remind yourself that the cells in your body will be replaced with the food that you are eating. Do you really want your eyeball tissue and liver cells to made from Krispy Creme doughnuts and Big Macs?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Double Kettlebell Fat Loss Routine

Double kettlebell drills are a favorite of mine. If you have never done double KB drills you are missing out! You can keep the movements rather basic as the increased weight will provide quite a new challenge. The double KB drills will work you, BIG TIME! Check out this video where I demonstrate a very effective double KB routine! Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kettlebell and Rope Fat Loss Training

Kettlebell training flat out works. Most of you know that by now. But what many of you may not know is how effective rope training is, especially when added to kettlebell training. Check out the video to see Yoana take you through a challenging kettlebell bell / rope combo fat loss routine!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

RKC Booth at LA Fitness EXPO 2009

Yoana and I stopped by the RKC Booth at the LA Fitness EXPO over the weekend. It was great seeing other RKC's there and thanks to Justin Garfield and Pavel for putting it together. We didn't stay long but did manage to film a couple of kettlebell execsies!

Friday, January 16, 2009

John Maher Professional Surfer YouTube-Sequence 1-MPEG-4 800Kbps

This is our client and friend Michael Maher's son John Maher, one of the best up and coming BIG WAVE riders in the world. John absolutely SHREDS these waves!