Monday, September 17, 2007

Changes................the different seasons of life

Summer is coming to an end and autumn is approaching. To be honest with you I am actually ready for autumn. Maybe because I have been rather sick this summer that I am looking forward to change. With a baby on the way my life has already changed, my priorities and the lens in which I choose to see the world through. It's all good though. I realize that life is much more than selfishly obsessing about my goals, my wants and my desires. Not that there is anything wrong with goals and desires, they are built into our human DNA and part of the journey. However, I do think you can get so caught up in "yourself" that you forget about what life is really about; RELATIONSHIPS.
This pregnancy has been good for both Yoana and I because we realize that life is more meaningful with deeper relationships in your life. And what relationship (apart from one with God) can be as meaningful as the relationship betweena husband and wife and their child?

Okay.................enough of that. Training wise I have been doing a couple sets of presses, pull ups, lunges and squats a couple times of week. Not enough or even structured to document it in my blog. Life is busy and with my health still not 100% I must just trying to find the balance between work, rest, play and family life. I can tell you one thing for sure, I need to work a little less and focus on RELAXATION , rest and PLAY.


Tim Anderson said...

Your journey is just getting started. At least this leg of it anyway...

You're going to be an awesome dad. There is nothing better than being a daddy. You will soon find out. It exceeds all your hopes and expectations. And you will see your wife in a whole new light. Nothing more beautiful than seeing the woman you love being the mommy of your baby.

I do hope you are getting on the mend and feeling better. Being less than 100% - well, it just sucks.

Still working on that article. My wife has gotten hold of it, so i'm on the 5th revistion! Talk to you soon.

Franz Snideman said...

Awesome Tim. Look forward to seeing the article!

Yes, we are excited to say the least. Already I see Yoana in a new light. It is awesome to see her pregnant. She is "glowing" right now, so beautiful.

Lauren said...

Very well put! It so nice to stop thinking of oneself so much and actually put more emotion and efforts in to the relationships around us. It's easy in the fitness world to get so caught up with goals and constantly pushing ourselves. Taking a step back and just being has been the best thing I have done.

I hope you get your body back to 100% very soon. Your family and you deserve it.

Howie Brewer said...

The signs of autumn are around us. I too am looking forward to the crisp morning air and the cool nights. I love autumn in NY.

You are dead on with your perspective of what's important in life. Best of luck with the coming baby and getting yourself back to 100%.

One piece of advice (and this is one I didn't take too seriously myself before our baby came along), get your sleep NOW!! Sleep was never been as precious as it is once you have a child. Enjoy!

Franz Snideman said...

Howie,thanks man!
Yeah, I guess we should start taking advantage of sleep now. Everyone else is saying the same thing as you are; sleep time gets less and less!