Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Things I am Excited about!!!!

Well life keeps getting better and better with our new daughter. She will be 3 months old this saturday and watching her change over these last months has been amazing. She's starting to laugh and giggle and copy facial expressions.....especially when I stick my tongue out at her....she always returns the favor!!!!

Business has been busy which is great! It's fun when you are able to wake up in the morning and love what you do because teaching people to be super strong, fit, mobile, fast, powerful and healthy is a worthwhile endeavor. Those of you who are strength and conditioning professionals will relate. This job rocks!

Training wise I have been following a program out of Pavel's BEYOND BODYBUILDING which calls for training Monday through Friday, performing 5 exercises for 1 set of 5 reps. That's it, super simple, yet very effective. Here are the exercised I have done:

1) Weighted Pull Ups w/24kg 1 set of 5
2) Double Clean and Press w/ 24kgs 1 set of 5
3) Double Front Squat w/24kg 1 set of 5
4) Double Snatch w/ 24kgs 1 sets of 5
5) Single Leg Deadlift w/24kg 1 set of 5/5

The reason I like it is that it allows me train almost every day, lift something relatively heavy, and not get sore. The not getting sore part if great. What is interesting is that in the 3 weeks I have been training like this I have put on about 3 pounds of muscle. Even though the volume is low, I think the consistency of training has caused me to gain weight. So for me it really comes down to short, ULTRA BRIEF, and consistent workouts.


Today I start my third week back on the track and it feels wonderful. The WHAT THE HELL EFFECT from kettlebells definitely is a factor here. My speed feels like it's there in the shorter distances (0-50 meters). Of course my speed endurance is still not there as that will take time to build up. I have a couple of track meets coming up in April that I am gearing up for.


Lauren said...

3 months already? Wow! I'm sure your heart melts when you see her smile.

Is that the rope that you just ordered? Did you get a Manila rope?

Also, where do you get the belts to do the weighted pull ups?

fawn said...

What, no baby pictures? Oh well, still a great message, Franz! Those ropes look cool.

Franz Snideman said...

Hey Lauren,

It is so awesome to see her smile!!!!

The rope in the photo is one of my old manila ropes that is now in the trash. I ordered an 80 foot Nylon rope from MacMaster and cut it into 2 pieced. And you are right...I ordered it and it came the next day!!

Pull up a weight belt with a chain on it. Go to BUSYBODY...they have them!!!

Franz Snideman said...


Mucho baby pictures to come.....I have lots of them........LOTS OF THEM!!!!!!!

Are you ready for the TSC????

Joe Sarti said...

Hey Buddy, Good to see you on a routine that you stick to and manage. I can only imagine how much more challenging things are now for you and Yoanna with a beautiful baby and a burgeoning business.

Keep it up my friend and all the best to you all.

Franklin B. Herman said...

Hi Franz, very nice training routine; I'm an especially big fan of doubles training.

The concept of an almost daily routine without getting sore is very foreign to me and makes a lot of sense. For this alone I will make an investment and pick up BB.

Also, I'm with Fawn, lets see more some more baby photos.

mark blakemore said...

great post franz. love the concept of the routine. first heard of it when dan john was following it per pavels instruction. dan raved about the results.

are you also following the battling ropes program? if so, would love some feedback.

also, getting ready to read fosters book that you recommended a few months back. will keep you posted.


Franz Snideman said...


Things are busy, of course, but all is well! Rock on brother!

Franz Snideman said...


Yeah surprisingly the daily training format seems to really work for me. Especially since I do not have alot of time to train!

Pics are coming :)

Franz Snideman said...


Yes, the program is Dan John noted!

I am not doing the battling ropes program....I am just doing what I have learned from watching others and stuff I have learned on my own. The ropes truly are amazing!!!

Foster's book is good....just don't let it get you too legalistic when you feel like you cannot keep up with all the spiritual disciplines. Unfortunately you can start to feel overwhelmed with everything he recommends.

Another book I highly recommend and alot more practical is by John Ortberg called...."The Life You've Always Wanted."

Take Care!

Adam said...


on your pic there-Is that the battling ropes training? Looks interesting

Mike T Nelson said...

Nice work Franz!
Keep us updated on the battling ropes. I have it on my list to try out sometime.
I am beginning to think/believe that frequency (assuming perfect form) is the most important training variable that is many times much overlooked (behind the SAID principal)
Rock on
Mike N

Anonymous said...

How sweet... Already three months??? My nephew's first birthday was last week and I still can't believe it! Watching their little personalities develop is mind blowing. I agree with Fawn, more Marianna pictures!

I LOVE that Beyond Bodybuilding protocol btw...quick, heavy, painless. genius!

Franz Snideman said...

Adam, no battling ropes, just stuff I have learned over the years. Although I'm sure it all originated with John he does get all the credit!

Franz Snideman said...

Thank Mike!

Daily training, low volume, no soreness, only great form, seems to work for me very well!

How is your training going these days?

Franz Snideman said...

Hey Sara,

yeah, it's totally mind blowing to see them grow and change. Super natural for sure!

The Beyond Bodybuilding book is a for the AGES!

Low volume, compound movements, daily training....seems to be working quite well considering my busy schedule!!!