Tuesday, August 12, 2008

CK- FMS.........WOW!


That is what I have to say about the CK-FMS certification. My hats off to Gray Cook, Brett Jones and Dragon Door for putting on such a high quality certification. If you are an RKC, I highly recommend you take this cert. It beautifully ties together the hardstyle KB system with Gray Cook's Functional Movement Screen.

Seeing Pavel as a student also proved to me why he is such an incredible teacher and mentor, because he is a "student" first. RKC's have a great commander in chief in Pavel. We are lucky to be alive right now and reap the benefits of people like Pavel, Gray Cook and Brett Jones. Right now my head is spinning from the cert, but I am starting to piece everything together that I learned. Below are some of the primary principles (although not an exhaustive list by any means) of the CK-FMS system that stood out to me as being essential and significant.

1) The Functional Movement Screen is a system (not a program) that allows you to SCREEN clients for DURABILITY.

* Performance Vs. Durability = there is a difference. High performance does not always lead to durability.
* The Movement Screen is a DURABILITY DETECTOR

2) Advanced Pattern Detection = You must find the weak link in the chain.

3) Goldman Algorithm = Be consistent and methodical on the front end.
*Basically you have a movement standard and a baseline.
*You must have structure on the front end. This FMS is an algorithm that protects the therapist /trainer / coach against any biases and expertise. If you don't go through the screening you may miss the most important aspect that the clients needs to have addressed.

4) Asymmetries are the #1 indicator that can predict a future injury. Bottom line: fix asymmetries that come up in the screening process.

5)Core Stability is foot position dependent. Train different stance,including kneeling position, lunge position, single leg stance, etc.

6) Most of the space in our brain regarding movement is dedicated to the hands and feet. Bottome line: get strong hands (grip) and you will have stronger shoulders and a stronger body. Wear good shoes (Pavel has been preaching this for years).

7) The body never thinks in terms of individual muscles. Think Movement Patterns. The nervous sytem works by MOVING the body as a whole. I think we all know this but it's nice to hear again from some of the most knowledgeable coaches out there.

and there is so much more to write....I think I will wait to post the rest when I am not so sleepy!

Thanks to Aaron and Fawn Friday for having a get together at their house. The Friday's are the nicest people you will ever meet. So gracious and just so down to earth. Good people!!!!! Tracy and Rif were there at the party.....and let me tell you, Tracy knows how to cook great tasting healthy food!

It was nice to finally meet some blog friends, Franklin (my roomate at the cert), Sean, Gabi, Kate and Maura. It was also cool to see Mike T. Nelson and his girlfriend Jodi. It's alway great to see old friends and RKC TL's, Seniors, and now Masters Instructors. RKC school of strength is the place to be!


Taikei Matsushita said...

Great pictures.

Franz showing abs, Kenneth Jay is sun tanned, BJ Bliffert with beard, Pavel smiling, Fawn not smiling in this particular pic, Rolando not focusing on camera, and Gabi traveled a long way.

Will be there next May.

Nikki Shlosser, RKC said...

Great photos!

Franz Snideman said...


you were missed! That is awesome that you are going in May! Maybe I'll go again.

Franz Snideman said...

Thanks Nikki! It was fun!

Shawn Manning, RKC said...

Franz, it was great meeting you this weekend at FMS. Great pics. Tim was calling to check in as soon as I got home. I raved about the cert. too. Take care!

Aaron Friday said...

Brett looks shit-faced in that picture. Good for him!

I would have liked to meet Dave Whitley this weekend.

Franz, of course, came through with the good camera that doesn't fuzz up the pictures like ours does.

Franz Snideman said...

Great meeting you too! Let me know how your clients do with the screening!

Franz Snideman said...


always gotta have a good camera...some one needs to snap the high quality pics!

Rock on brother!

Sean Schniederjan said...

Those were some good Fawn-burgers. Glad I was featured with one of those.

I haven't gotten my RKC yet and I'm already salivating all over this new system.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

Great photos and great memories! It was an honor to be your room mate .. you are true class act in everyway.

Franz Snideman said...


those were some great Fawn burgers!

can't wait till the next Friday party!

yee hawwwwww!

Gabi said...

Woo-hoo, wasn't that a great party? :) I'll have to post some hula hoop pics, too :)

fawn said...

Great pictures Franz! It is always such a pleasure to see you. Now I am even more excited to take the FMS myself with such an endorsement from you! Plus the great demos at the BBQ... Maybe next year with Yoana and Taikei?

Mike T Nelson said...

Great pics and awesome to see you again Franz!

Movement quality if of HUGE importance!

Rock on
Mike N

Franz Snideman said...

Thank Mike!

Movement is the key...you are right!

Glad you liked the pics! Great seeing you as well!


Franz Snideman said...


It was awesome being your roomate! You are one strong dude with such an enormous amount of enthusiasm and passion for training.

Keep it up Franlin!

SG Human Performance said...

I just went to a FMS seminar in August and absolutely love how it helps me out with my job. I work in fitness and sports medicine and love how much a difference cleaning up someones faulty movement patterns makes so much of a difference and can make pain "disappear".

I just have gotten into kettlebells since the seminar and am doing a bootcamp taught by David Whitley. If you ever end up sharing any video on kettlebell exercises that can be used to improve movement patterns I would love to see it. Take care.