Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vibram Five Fingers: My New Digs

Very excited that I bought my first pair of Vibram Five Finger (VFF) Shoes last weekend. I've been following others people's blogs about these shoes for the last year and was instantly ingrigued the first time I saw them. I have worn them every day since I got them and here are my immediate thoughts on the VFF's:

1) My hips and ankles have more mobility, as does my t-spine. There is an exercise called the DECK SQUAT which I usually cannot do well because I lack mobility in my hips and ankles. Well, that has all changed with my VFF's. The deck squat is now rather simple and feels very fluid and loose. I haven't done any strething in a while, so the only thing that has changed is my wearing of the new shoes.

2) ENERGY is much better! Overall I feel more ALIVE, more in tune with my body. I think because the shoes are practically like being barefoot, I have have a better connection to the ground and the earth. It's almost like my feet have been in a coma for 35 years and they are finally starting to WAKE UP! It is a liberating feeling to wear the Vibram's and the thought of wearing my other normal shoes sounds horrible. Now granted, I have only worn them for 4 days so far, but if I feel this good, why would I go back to the heavier, thicker soled shoes?

3) Posture and Gait have improved! I have pretty funky gait because I have a fairly big assymetry in my pelvis. My right leg has always been substantially shorter than my righ tleg and because of that I have always had awkward gait. Even though my gait is still light years aways from being perfect, it just feels better. This is subjective, but I feel as if my feet are starting finally move. Always had stiff tight feet and perhaps this is my road to foot mobility NIRVANA!!!

4) Feel my toes working and moving! I have a really difficult time extending my toes, especially my big toes. I have suffered from Turf Toe (a stiff big toe) since I was a child. My toes are finally starting to move thanks to the shoes!!!

I will post more in the weeks to come on my experience with the Vibram Five Finger shoes. My advice to all of you would be to get a pair of FREE you feet from shoes!!!!!


Blake and Hollie said...

I have seen these on another blog site too and I thought they looked so cool. I really want a pair. Have you ran in them? I have always been curious about the people who do barefoot running and I thought, "Why not put these on and run?"

Franz Snideman said...

Blake and Hollie, I have run some sprints in them. But I usually just wear them all day while I train clients. I feel great wearing them!!!!!

Howie Brewer said...

Hey Franz, I'm going to be ordering a pair just as soon as I measure my feet! Can't wait to free my toes. (Although I don't expect to be able to wear them to the office.)

Mike T Nelson said...

Nice work Franzie!

Mobility work on the feet/ankles and a free type shoe kick butt!

Messed up feet = messed up hips.
Mobility happy feet = mobile happy hips!

Rock on
Mike N

Amy said...

Wow great vibram five fingers shoes, I am very much thankful too having my vibram five fingers shoes because it makes me comfortable while running.