Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Barefoot Craze!!!!

Whether you are a runner, kettlebell user, fitness fanatic or outdoorsman, switching over to using the Vibram Five Fingers can dramatically improve your athleticism, performance and health.

It’s not just a fad folks. Big chucky shoes are on the way out……and simple, barefoot style shoes are here to stay? Why you ask? Because most shoes officially suck!!! Yes, I said it! They SUCK!  I spent most of my life is chunky running shoes with giant soles and my body was a mess. I’ve officially been wearing Vibram Five fingers for over 2 years now and my feet are the healthiest they have ever been.  My ankles are getting more mobile and the forces entering my body feel like they are distributed in a much healthier and efficient way.

I realize that there are many different types of “minimalist shoes” but the ones that I have experience using are the Vibrams. Having tested the goods I know the results I have had wearing Virbrams and they are the real deal!

If you have any desire to feel healthier, function well and move more athletically, than you should definitely look into getting a pair of the Vibrams and including some barefoot training into your current programming.

Here are my 5 top reasons why you should ditch the running shoes and go barefoot/Vibram style.

1)      Immediately gives your feet, toes and ankles better awareness of where your feet are and how they are functioning. 
2)      Increases MOBILITY in each individual toe, forefoot and ankle.
3)      Strengthens your feet and your legs.
4)      Naturally fixes gait and running style. If you are heel striker when you run, you will NOT be with Vibrams. Why? Because it hurts.  It changes your gait to more of a forefoot striker first and then a slight heal tap at the end. This one aspect alone may re-ignite peoples running careers (not that I am a huge fan of distance running).
5)      Makes you feel like a Ninja. In other words, improved reflexes leads to increased agility, coordination and speed.
Bottom line. Add some barefoot training into your program. Better yet, ditch your shoes and get some Vibrams.
Please leave your thoughts, comments and experiences with barefoot training and VIBRAMS.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I have these on my wishlist so hopefully I will get some for my birthday :D

Strength Nomad said...

I love how the RKC has drills to improve technique in an exercise that produces those "a ha" moments naturally. Going barefoot was a simple and foolproof way to improve my running technique and kb performance...naturally.

Great stuff as usual.

Mike said...


Great overview of the VFF. I too feel like a ninja in mine. Keep up the good work


charwe said...

Thanks for the post. Barefootedness has much to commend it. I've trained barefoot for about 4 years now & got a pair of VFFs a couple of years ago but don't wear them often as I prefer the connection I make to myself and my world without any footwear barrier. I started barefoot running about this time last year and I'll never go back to putting anything on my feet for running - barefooting it, and dumping the mind-numbing earbuds, took my experience of running from tedium to pure joy.

Franz Snideman said...

Thanks everyone! Glad you enjoyed the post!!!

Diana said...

I always do my kettlebell training barefoot, however, I'm not the same with running. Now over the past 2 years I've come to know the pain of stress fractures in my feet. I've heard so many opinions on the Vibrams and running-what are yours?
Thanks in advance.....