Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ginastica Natural Workshop with Senior RKC Peter Lakatos

Ginastica Natural Workshop

Taught by Senior RKC Pater Lakatos

When:  Thursday November 17, 2011  7pm - 9pm

Where: Revolution Fitness, La Jolla, CA

Host: Franz Snideman Senior RKC / Yoana Teran Casabianca  RKC Team Leader

Price:  $69 (when purchased before October 31)

* price will go up to $99 on November 1

We are very excited to be hosting Senior RKC Peter Lakatos from Hungary. Peter will be teaching a two hour workshop on Ginastic Natural. What is Ginastic Natural?

Ginastica Natural was developed by Alvaro Romana, from Brazil. Peter has spent extensive time training with Alvaro and has become a gifted teacher and practioner in this method of movement.

Here are some of the principles and benefits you will learn of at this Ginastica Natural workshop:

  • based on Natural Movements of Primitive Man
  • based on activities performed in nature or in any natural environment
  • exercises can be practiced outside or inside
  • Ginastica Natural is based on Jiu-Jitsu ground movements
  • basic gymnastic bodyweight movements
  • dynamic stretching and breathing techniques
  • combines strength, flexibility, power, coordination and agility
  • through dynamic breathing techniques the practioner will greatly improve mental and motor control
This is a hand on workshop and you will be learning the details and fundamentals of this incredible movement system. Peter has spent years studying this system. Through his years of training and experience Peter has also come up with some rather extraordinary methods for using these primitive movements for athletic enhancement as well as for corrective measures.

Who should take this course?

  • Any RKC or HKC that is wanting to learn how to move better and with more fluidity and grace
  • Any type of strength coach or trainer who wants to learn how to personally move their bodies better and help their clients do the same
  • Any type of athlete who is not currently satisfied with mobility and flexibility
  • Anybody who wants to look, move and feel better
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