Friday, December 02, 2011

Hardstyle goes to South America!!!!

Very excited to have taught along side of Yoana Teran the first ever Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification in South America. Last weekend on November 26, 2011 (and also my Birthday), we taught an HKC in Caracas, Venezuela.  I am still so excited and jazzed from the experience. All of the students were eager to learn, professional, focused and enthusiastic. There will be great things to come out of  Venezuela and I forsee an explosion of Hardstyle Kettlebell methods all over Venezuela and the rest of Central and South America. 

In fact let's go ahead and include the great country of MEXICO in that line up as well. We will be heading to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in March of 2012 to teach the first ever HKC in Mexico!! Exicting times for Dragon Door, the RKC School of Strength and Revolution Fitness!! We have much to be thankful for!!

We want to thank our host HKC Monica Sancio for helping us bring this incredible HKC certificaiton to Venezuela. We also want to thank our sponsors Gatorade as well as HKC Eduardo Gonzalez for all of his help and support during the weekend.  More pics and Venezuela updates to come!!!!


Sean Schniederjan RKC said...

Franz - very nice to see you and Yoana spreading the word and pioneering the HKC down in South America!

Merry Christmas!


Franz Snideman said...

Sean, thanks brother!

It was one of the most special teaching experiences of my life! God willing we will go back many more times to teach HKC/RKC principles!!!

Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family Sean!!!

Gabby Eborall said...

I see an RKC in South America in your future, congrats!