Monday, September 18, 2006

Congratulations to Mark Reifkind, New Sr. RKC!!

My firend and colleague Mark Reifkind was just announced new Senior RKC of the amazing Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification program. This school of strength has and continues to produce some of the best Strength Coaches in the world, and Mark is certainly one of them. Yoana and I want to congratulate Mark for his incredible achievement. Dragon Door and the RKC system are lucky to have a coach like Mark on board, check out his bio at the following web site.

Mark's Bio

You rock Mark!!!!


markrif said...


that is so kind of you and Yoana to post that, thank you so much. It is an honor knowing you both and learning from you as I have this past year and a half. looking forwards to more collaboration in the future. Thanks again


Franz Snideman said...

Of Course Mark, it is our pleasure. We are proud of you and honored to know you!!