Saturday, July 28, 2007

Liftting something a little heavier

Video of American Sprinter Tyson Gay running a 19.68 in the 200 meters.

It's amazing how your body adapts to loads. For the last 4 to 5 weeks I have been using lighter loads (less than the 24kg) for almost all movements. Well today I pulled out the 40kg, 32kg and 28kgs and they felt great, but really heavy. I tend fry out my CNS if I lift more than two weeks heavy. Perhaps 2 weeks of heavy followed by 2 weeks of lighter/speed work is the key.

Friday Training

A-1 Weighted Pull Ups
40kg - missed (a couple of inches away. This is a bummer because at the June RKC I got this weight, no problem)
32kg - 1o sets x 1 = 10 reps

B-1 Double KB Clean and Press
28kg's - 2,2,2,2,2 = 10 reps

C-1 Front Squat w/24kg KB
5 sets x 10 reps = 50 reps
Wednesday Training

A-1 Double KB Press w/24kgs

B-1 Front Lunges w/ 16kgs
4 sets x 6/6

C-1 My version of the Kenneth Jay Snatch workout
32kg, 24kg, 16kg R / L / R, L / R / L for 15 second intervals x 3 reps

That smoked me big time. Need to start adding this in every week.


Tim Anderson said...

I like your Kenneth Jay snatch version. Hope to try it soon. nothing but bodyweight exercises and light kbs lifts for me now...

Franz Snideman said...

thanks Tim. Give it a try when your elbows feel better!

Keep those forearms, lats and chest stretched out. A good NMT (neuromuscular therapist) can do wonders on these types of problems.

Tim Anderson said...

thanks Franz. I'm learning so much through my injuries. One thing leads to another and everything for a reason...

Keats Snideman CSCS, LMT, NMT said...

Tim, that's a great way to look at injuries. If you learn something from all results (whether positive or negative), than you're always making some sort of progress.

Of course if we keep repeating the same mistakes, then we might be insane! I've done this too many times myself.

Tim Anderson said...

Keats, i am a little insane. Just have to find the right methods for the madness. Or atleast try to balance the passion with the insanity. You're right though, one way or the other, i'm learning something.

Brett Jones said...

I was at an NSCA convention listening to Zatsiorsky (i think) when he gave a 2 hour lecture on periodization and wrapped up the talk by saying (paraphrasing): Two weeks of strength followed by Two weeks of power and repeat - the best of both worlds.

you are on target...

And this is why Pavel and other strength coaches find alternating 2-3 week cycles do so well (RKC for 2 weeks and PTP for 2 weeks- repeat until strong).

Great stuff and looks like you had a great time in Hawaii.

Franz Snideman said...


that's interesting what you heard. It just feels natural and right for me to train that way. Too much heavy stuff for me for too long frys me. Yet if I stay away from loading too long I get weak.

Hawaii was awesome! Can't wait to get back there!

Keats Snideman CSCS, LMT, NMT said...

Brett, interseting recap of Zatsiorsky's comments on periodization.

I've also had success with what Steven Plisk refers to as "Summated Periodization." In this sytem you basically alternate between:

week 1: hypertrophy/strength endurance

Week 2: Maxmial Strength

Week 3: Speed-Strength (power)

Week 4: recovery or start over again with week 1.

In this methodology, you never get to far away from any one motor quality for more than a couple of weeks. This helps prevent the unnecessary and undersirable decay of key motor qualities as occurs with more traditional "linear" periodization models.

Pete Diaz, RKC said...

Excellent attack on the Max V02 protocol, Franz. Very interesting comments on this post, I might add. Zatsiorsky is well respected, for sure. It is nice there is a commonality with these strength and power principles. I have been enjoying the feel of the high volume, lighter kettlebell work, and it sounds like I should switch it back to some heavier lifting for a couple of weeks.