Monday, December 10, 2007

Pistols, Hanstand Push ups, and One Arm Push Ups

(These pictures are from our trip to the big island of Hawaii back in June. I can't wait to back next year. At the Four Season's Resorts they have a trademark service by the pool: Evian water spritzes to the face. Maybe Pavel would call this "metro-sexual." In my book, de-stressing is very MANLY!. What do you think?)

Over the weekend I assisted at Pavel's Tactical Strength Seminar in LA for LE and Military personnel only! Great seminar and it was great to re-visit many of the drills that Pavel went over in the naked warrior. It got me thinking about how powerful bodyweight exercises are and what a great skill it is to be able to do rock bottom pistols, handstand push ups and explosive pull ups. The great thing about teaching these powerful BW movements is that they perhaps serve as the best assessment of muscular strength in the body. Try a rock bottom pistol with both legs and you will immediately learn which leg is stronger, which hip and ankle are tighter and which joints lack coordination. Same with the one arm push up. Now I must admit that I am but awful at one arm push ups.....geez...those suckers are difficult. Like anything else, one arm push ups are a skill and I know if I really dedicated myself I could get good at them. I would rather work on Pistols and handstand push ups..........they just feel better to me!

Whether you're a bodyweight exercise type of guy or not, there is no doubting the effectiveness of these methods. Get good at pistols, handstand push ups, one arm push ups and pull ups and you will be one strong dude..........or dudete!

It was great to assist with RKC's Paul Daniels, Dr. Mark Cheng and the petite package of power Sara Cheatham. The military and law enforcement attendees were all awesome.


I got my wife's cold two weeks ago and that pretty much did in my training. Time to get back to some type of training this week. Think I'll work on some bodyweight stuff this week and let my sinuses heal. Damn sinus infections.....don't like them at all!

Blessings to all! Hope everyone has a great Christmas Season!


Taikei Matsushita said...

Pistol and 1 arm push up, in my opinion require another different level of determination. Doing all the swings snatches presses, and then look over these body weights stuff, and feel like I have to start something new.

I'm watching Staley/Pavel seminar DVD, and saw Keats assisting. Hard to distinguish you two.

Franz Snideman said...

yeah Taikei, Keats is my indentical twin, so it is a little difficult to tell us apart on video. In person it's a bit easier!

Howie Brewer said...

Sounds like you had fun Franz! Pistols came very easy to me. Years of martial arts and always a squatter gave me strong, flexible legs. I love my pistols!! One arm pushups are another story. After separating both shoulders (at different times) over the years and having rotator cuff impingements, the pushups are tough. But I'm working on them little by little. Handstand pushups huh? I really wish there were Naked Warrior workshops over here in NY. You West Coast peeps have all the good stuff to yourselves!!

P.S. Hawaii looked awesome. Never been. Sorta like my Aruba.

Howie Brewer said...

Oh, and Merry Christmas to you too!

Lauren said...

Sounds like a great seminar. I LOVE body weight exercises. They are the best especially when you are traveling. I need to start working on one arm push ups. They are super hard if you don't ever do them. I think pistols are much easier than one arm push ups.

Brett Jones said...

You can "practice" the one arm push-up and pistols while still persuing your other goals.
Focus but have fun on the edges.

Franz Snideman said...

Yes Howie, seminar was great! I've got alot of work to do with all these bodyweight exercises.

Franz Snideman said...

Lauren, yeah, those BW exercises are great, humbling, but great!

Franz Snideman said...


You're right brother! I just seem to get smoked from the BW exercises, so it hard for me to do them along with the other exercises.

Or I just need to more disciplined with my recovery methods!

Pete said...

The Tac Strength seminar is a good one. Santa Monica Muscle Beach is one awesome spot to train! I sure wish you were there when I attended the last one. :)

Franz Snideman said...


Yeah it would have been great to see you then. This seminar was held inside at a movie studio. The weather was too cold outside and a little rainy!

How are you brother?

My best to your family!

Pete said...


Sorry for the late response. I have been intermittent is graduation week at the academy!

Things are going well- I got my AKC bells, and I have been getting my groove back with the bells. Family is good and enjoying the holiday time :)

My best to you and Yoana and the future family!

Franz Snideman said...

Thanks Pete! God bless you and your family!