Thursday, December 20, 2007

TGU with 40kg

Today I wanted to test out our new camera and decided to have Yoana film me doing a TGU with the 40kg. I was pumped that I was able to get two sets of one on each arm (although the video only shows me doing one rep on each arm). I rarely do TGU's; only while teaching clients how to do them. And even then If I do them I show the exercise with a 8kg or 12kg. Just goes to show how you are able to maintain strength and even increase strength from doing snatches and presses with KB's. Excellent carry over! My training is usually very basic with presses, snatches, weighted pull ups, KB Squats and Lunge. Next I want to try the BEAST. I will post the video when I attempt it. Should be fun!


Taikei Matsushita said...

Video camera seems to be a must for any RKC instructors.

You seemed to have done it without much effort with 40kg TGU.

I managed it but keeping that big thing on my forearm was a bit of a task.

Howie Brewer said...

Nicely done Franz. What kind of camera did you get? Also, I see you like to chalk your hands rather than the kettlebells. Any reason aside from it being less of a mess?

Franz Snideman said...

Taikei, yes the video camera is a MUST! Also for good for videoing clients and breaking down movement.

The 40kg was challenging, but very doable. Next is the beast!

Joe Sarti said...

Impressive strength and focus Franz. I look forward to seeing you do the 48kg

Mike T Nelson said...

Nice work man!!

I just started working TGUs more recently as it is an amazing exercise for many reasons.

One Beast TGU coming up!
Rock on
Mike N

Franz Snideman said...

Thanks Joe! Felt great!

Franz Snideman said...


TGU's really are one of the best exercises out there.You learn so much about movement, mobility, strength and focus from this one movement!

Hopefully the 48kg is next :)

Sara said...

whoa! lookin pretty solid on the GU, Franz! I (surprisingly) do get-ups in addition to showing/training clients on them. :)

Put that camera on overdrive when the baby gets here! I wanna see her!!! :))) speaking she here YET?!?!?

Regardless, blessings to you and your beautiful family for the new year!

Franz Snideman said...

Thanks Sara! Baby is still not here! She's gotta come out sooner or later....hopefully sooner than later :)

Blessings to you and your husband!

We will for sure have video and photos of baby as soon as she arrives :)