Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Finding the Right Groove

(Our precious little Angel, Marianna!)

Last Tuesday I had the honor of working out with Mike LoBue (track and field coach and strength coach for SDSU). Needless to say, he put me through a tough workout....so tough I had to rest the remainder of the week. But it was tons of fun and it taught me first hand about the SAID principle. He had me use an Axle (thick barbell) for DL's and Clean and Push Presses along with Plyo's on high boxes, pistols, swings, Double KB clean and Presses, and some sledgehammer work. It was tuns of fun...but it smoked me.

Tuesday Training
Today I did what Master RKC Kenneth Jay wrote about in the RKC manual. Grab two different size KB's and press them in one hand. This forces you to keep your forearm vertical and makes you find the perfect pressing Groove. I gotta tell you....this just feels right! I think this will help my pressing woes, big time!

16kg + 12kg Single arm Military Press 1/1 x 10 sets = 20 reps

Single Arm Swings
24kg 20/20 x 3 sets = 120 reps

short and sweet. Felt great to train at home in our garage gym. I need to do this more often.


Dan Cenidoza said...

Cute kid Franz! Being a father is a great feeling isn't it? My daughter is 13 months now and is such a joy to be around (unless she's whiny, then I give her to her mother).

So are you guys expecting another or is that an old picture of Yonna below with the little pot belly?

Dan Cenidoza said...

Yoana, sorry.

Franz Snideman said...


Thanks bro!You have a 13 month year old daughter....you know how awesome it is! Best thing I have ever done, period!

The picture of Yoana pregnant was from her first (and only so far) pregnancy. She is not pregnant. But I would love to have another child. We will see!!!!

I hope you are well!!!! Rock on!

Sara Cheatham, M.S. said...

Thank you for the kind holiday greetings, Franz! I hope you and your family have a blessed 2009. Hopefully we will catch-up in person again soon. Hugs to the girls for me :)