Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kettlebells........My life has never been the same again!

So here I am listening to Josh Henkin's Interview with Anthony Dilugio from Punch gym and Art of Strength and it brings me back to how my journey started with Kettlebells. I was certified in April of 2003 along with a stellar class of strength coaches and trainers that have all gone on to do huge things in the fitness industry and push the fitness industry to new heights. Who was there at the April RKC 2003?

Josh Henkin
Anthony Dilugio
Jason Brown
Steve Rochet
Josh Everett
Steve Cotter
Mike Burgner
Tim Larkin
Shawn Mozen (Agustu KB's)

Check out Josh's Interview with Anthony here!

and many more. From what I can see everyone on that list has gone on to do huge things in this industry and continues to influence people in a MAJOR way. I am proud to be part of that group.

And since then my life has changed in ways I could have never imagined. I came back from the 2003 cert on FIRE, and told Yoana that we were going to open up a Kettlebell studio and that is jsut what we did. Next month in November will be 4 years that we have been open and it has been a dream come true for both Yoana and myself. And it all started on a friday afternoon in fall of 2002 in Santa Monica. Like a lot of people, my life was forever changed when I met Pavel Tsatsouline. A client of mine and I met up in Santa Monica and hired Pavel for two hours to help us get started using these kettlebells. The bottom line is that the session changed the direction of my life forever. It was also brutally hard and showed me how dysfunctional I had become using corrective exercise for years. From that day on I stopped using the wobble boards, woopie cushion discs for standing on, and all the other "functional" toys and got serious about my training. I had essentially "wasted" so many years on balls and boards and started focusing on my kettlebell skills. But it wasn't until the April 2003 Certification that I was able to really get the technique downs and progress as a kettlebell student and athlete.

And I am more excited about kettlebells and health than I was back in 2003. Am I where I want to be? No. Am I headed in the right direction with my training? Yes. My body feels better than it ever did when I was doing the "functional training" and I attribute that to Pavel and to kettlebells. Are kettlebells the only tool I use? No, but they certainly make up a fairly huge chunk of my training and I don't see that changing in the near future.

As Anthony Diligio says, Joint mobility and corretive exercise are built into the kettlebell movements, especially the foundational RKC movements:

1) Swing
2) Turkish Get Up
3) Cleans
4) Military Presses
5) Front Squats
6) Snatches

If you can get those movements down, even if they don't look pretty in the beginning, you will look and feel better, period! I know I am preaching to the crowd here but those six movements above are life changing and so is the RKC!

Power to all of us! I thank God every day for the opportunities He has given me and Yoana and I am so glad to be alive at a time like now where their is a Renaissance in the fitness industry like their right now!


Joe Pavel said...

Great post Franz. My life hasn't been the same since I picked up a copy of "Power to the People" by Pavel. There was my last name right on the cover.
Six basic kettlebell exercises have changed the world of training.
Congratulations on four years in business.

Franklin said...

What I find with Kettlebell RKC hard-style training is that people either get it immediately or not. Fortunately I was one of the former and my life hasn't been the same either. I too count my blessings for being a part of this incredible community.

And the new DVD is FANTASTIC!! Superb production quality and design. Its a very tough workout and one that requires a rather light bell for me.

And the interviews at the end regarding Yoana's pregancy is worth the price alone!

My congratulations to both of you for an delivering a great product!

Franz Snideman said...


Thanks Joe! It's been a fun four years!

That's right. You guys share the same name! I'm sure Pavel has changed thousands upon thousands of lives!



Franz Snideman said...


Thanks God you and I "got" it. Hardstyle versus everything else!

AFter meeting you and talking with you it's obvious to see how powerfully the RKC improved your life! You are the best Franklin!

Thank you for your kind words about the DVD. That means alot coming from you!


Pete said...

Hi Franz,

So true...kettlebells have been created an impact for me in so many ways. Even though my primary job is not as a profession physical trainer, it has found its way in many aspects of my job. I have met more phenomenal people through kettlebells than I have in any other facet of life.

Franz Snideman said...

Hey Pete,

It's amazing how many cool people you get to meet on the RKC path.

I met you Pete and thank God I did!

Hope you are well!

Pete said...

It has been amazing having met you and your wife, Franz! Things are great up here in Sac. I completed my first half marathon last Sunday, and I didn't die! :)

Next up, training for the new snatch test to prepare to assist at San Jose in Feb. 09.

Hope all is well with you as we near the end of the year.

Franz Snideman said...


congrats brother on your half marathon. Can't say I have ever done that. Great job!!!!!

You will have no problem with the new snatch test.......

Hope you and your family are well!!!!

Mike T Nelson said...

Great stuff here Franz!

I actually have to thank you and everyone that was at Charles Staleys Training Summit back in Sept 2004? (or 2003?).

It was the first time I ever got to play with Kettlebells and big tires, etc. No more chrome machines for me after that.

I decided on the way home that I wanted to change to working in health and fitness field. A little while later I switched degree programs to Kinesiology (exercise phys) even though I only had 2 classes left for my PhD in Biomedical Engineering (but I had not started research).

Thanks again for all the kind words there and through out the years--it is much appreciated!

Small world to think I met other great people there like Josh Henkin, Jason Rhymer, you and your brother and your wife, Steve Cotter, Geoff Neupert, Omar, and others I am sure I left off the list.

Keep up the great work!!
Rock on
Mike N

Franz Snideman said...


Wasn't that Charles Staley Seminar amazing? All the people we all met was unreal! So cool to see people go on and achieve big things!

It was a meeting of GIANTS!!!!