Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yoana's Power Workout

Of all the bio-motor abilities, POWER may be one of the most important. What exactly in power? Power is the ability to express the strength you have quickly and explosively. A Powerlifter who can deadlift 700 pounds is exactly more strong than he is powerful. Powerlifting should actually be called STRENGTH LIFTING because all that matters is that the weight eventually gets off the floor. There is no time limit in powerlifting. A heavy deadlift may take the athlete 15 seconds to get up. But if the deadlift is eventually finished than it is a valid and legal lift.

Olympic lifters are true power athletes, as are sprinters. Moving a weight off the floor as in the barbell clean and jerk requires tremendous strength and POWER. Watch an accomplished Olympic lifter and you will see that bar fly up very quickly. Or watch a 100 meter sprinter burst out of the starting blocks and you will see POWER.

Research has shown that elderly people don't fall because they lack cardiovascular endurance or balance, they fall and break their hips because they lack power. They lack the ability to recruit their muscles quickly and therefore their "breaking" mechanism turns on too late or even worse, doesn't turn on at all. That is when the broken hips and fractured pelvises eventually get the best of many elderly people.

If you are still alive, you need to work on POWER! Regardless of your age, power is a quality that will make you make faster, make your body more resilient and frankly will improve your quality of life!

Watch as Yoana takes you through a POWER workout based on speed and quickness!

Please let me know your thoughts about Power training and Yoana's workout!


Mark Erickson, Level II RKC said...

Hey Guys, Great combo! I hope all of your clients realize how lucky they are to have you two. As a fellow RKC I appreciate seeing perfect technique in every movement you perform. So many people fail to finish the hips like Yoana does so perfectly!

Franklin said...

Wow!! Phenomenal combination!! It really got me thinking about other simple but effective power skills.

To that end I would add the broomstick snatch drop (also called snatch balance). This movement teaches one how to explosively drop down/under into a squat position while fully extending the arms.

Franz Snideman said...


Thanks brother! Your encouragement is always appreciated! I agree with you that Yoana makes everything look so easy!

How are you doing? How is the family?

Tara Robertson said...

I gave it a try yesterday and loved it! Thanks!!!

Franz Snideman said...


I have seen a an Olympic lifting coach teach the snatch balance. I am embarrassed to say I do not have the T-spine mobility to perform it. But you right, it teach quickness!!!!

Hope you are well!

Franz Snideman said...

Awesome Tara,

Glad you tried it and liked it!!!



Lauren said...

Great combination of exercises! I can't wait to get the clearance from my doctor to try this one. In the meantime I may have to let my clients give it a try. ;-)

Fantastic stuff as always!

Franz Snideman said...


Thanks for the comments! I have no doubt that you'll be back in the swing of things (no pun intended)very soon!