Monday, March 16, 2009

Yoana TGU with 24kg

Okay...........I have a confession to make! I am so tired of hearing girls talk about their "FEAR" of getting bulked up by lifting weights. What a crock of sh*t. My lovely wife Yoana weights barely 110 pounds is not "big" or "bulky". Most women erroneously believe that weight training means huge muscle growth. Well, muscle growth is a great goal and one that I believe we should all do...but gaining muscle is just flat our difficult. Any muscle a women gains is for benefit and is not a "negative" at all.

In fact I would claim that most muscle gain on a woman would probably make them smaller, not bigger. Just look at Yoana. She is not big. If you were to take ruler measurements of her arms, hips, abdomen and thighs, they would probably be much smaller than the average woman. The bottom line is that gaining muscle will make you look harder, more dense and more athletic. Gaining muscle is very hard work and takes years of proper nutrition, recovery and intelligent training. The fear of getting huge is based on a myth and just isn't a reality for most women.

The goal of women should be similar to men..........get strong, stay strong, be strong.

Yoana is stronger than most average men. Give a 24kg kettlebell to most men and they will not stand up with it, and definitely not as gracefully as Yoana does.

Bottom line....lift weights......perform big movements like Turkish Get Ups, Presses, Pull ups, Deadlifts, Squats, Cleans, Swings and Snatches and watch your body get hard, ultra strong and watch your stamina / conditioning go through the roof!

Let us know what you think about this post and the video!

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Marty said...

Another home run guys. Nicely done.

Blake and Hollie said...

Yoana is gorgeous. She sure makes everything look easy. A true example, you can remain or get strong and lean while doing these exercises.

I am very new to this and I am only on week 6 of clean eating and kettlebell/cardio training. I am already stronger physically and mentally. Showing others who happen to stumble upon your blog like I did will rienforce the message you are trying to send. Yoana is a lovely example, but you can just look at her and tell she is strong. Know what I mean? The same for you.

Laura said...

Fantastic job Yoana! Considering that's roughly half of your body weight, that's even more impressive!

Franz Snideman said...


Thank you brother! Always fun posting Yoana doing exercises!!!

Franz Snideman said...

Blake and Hollie,

Thanks for the feedback. Good luck with your training. What type of training program are you following?

Franz Snideman said...


I agree, with Yoana it's more impressive because she is so tiny!

Hope you are well and that your training is kicking butt!

Blake and Hollie said...

The KB's are pretty much your videos actually. I have been doing the QuickResults. I just ordered the Revolution Disk 1 & 2 so I am anxious about that. I also have the Goddess video and some of Pavel's instructional videos. I basically picked up KBs from the tiny CrossFit Asia here, ordered one from DragonDoor and learned on my own through Pavel's DVD then ordered your videos for workouts. Sounds crazy I know. But when you live on such a tiny island you make do with the resources that are available. **6 weeks into the KB, with cardio on alternating days

The eating plan is basically taken from the Okinawa Diet (book) and Clean eating books when I can't get an idea of what to do for the day. I ordered your e-book on the 30fat loss. Organics are very hard to come by here. I can't stay consistent with a lot of the Clean Eating magazines/books because those foods can't be found on Okinawa so I will wait until we move. The Okinawa Diet plan is excellent and I really like the book so I am sticking with this for now. They truely are the healthiest and longest living peeople in the world. It is not uncommon to live to be 115 here (if you are a native). So we have been doing this for 3 weeks now.

Sorry for the lengthy post.

Mary Ann Cayabyab said...

Yoanna's such a beast! and still so feminine! If she isn't an inspiration to get women to work out and train hard - I don't know what is.

I can only hope to reach even half the level of strength she has one day!

Keats Snideman said...

Impressive....most impressive!

Anonymous said...

Inspiring! I've just started working out with a kettlebell and am still learning to coordinate my various body parts and I LOVE it. Today I discovered your videos and blogs and I'm keen to read and see more. Would you explain the hand manoeuvre of a snatch in a future posting?

Franz Snideman said...


Awesome to hear! Keep up the great training. That diet sounds amazing!

Franz Snideman said...

Mary Ann,

Thanks for the feedback. I am sure with your persistence you will become very strong and very fit!!!


Franz Snideman said...


Thanks brother!

Franz Snideman said...

Emerge and Celebrate,

Thanks for the feedback. We would love to do a video on the snatch technique. Very soon!