Thursday, September 03, 2009

San Diego RKC

Another RKC has come and gone! The pleasure of this RKC was having it in our own backyyard, beautiful La Jolla! The JCC was the perfect location with an easy 2 min walk to the Marriott Hotel. Overall it was the best RKC I have ever been to!

My regret is that I didn't take a group photo of my group: TEAM FRANZ :(
All of the students were fantastic and reminds me of why being part of the RKC community is so special. A huge CONGRATULATIONS to all the students who took the RKC and to all the newly minted RKC's! For those that didn't pass, many will pass soon by completing the snatch test or sending in a video of improved Ketllebell technique.

Below are some photos of both Team Franz and Team Yoana combined and then Team Franz.

My assistant Instructors and Yoana's assistants were phenomenal and absolutely rocked! Thank you to Os, Naina and guys rule!!!!! Steve, Dustin and Fran...great working seeing you all!!!


Anonymous said...

It was awesome to meet you, you're even nicer in person than I imagined!


Erik said...

I had a lot of fun and learned quite a bit. I honestly wish we would have kept doing burpees though, my hands still aren't fully healed.

I hear you did a great job as team leader too Franz. Way to be.

Anonymous said...

I'm always sad to miss out on an RKC :( But I know a great time is always had by all! Os is an awesome dude. He was in my group at the San Jose Cert. I heard Pavel got you and Keats mixed up a few times :p

Franz Snideman said...

Erik, thank you brother! Burpees are great :)

Franz Snideman said...


Yes,you were missed at the San Diego RKC! Pavel and many of the instructors got Keats and I confused several times.....can't figure out why :)