Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This Guy is Amazing!

Every now and then you see someone move in a such a way that it makes you question the potential of human movements and what is possible. Without a doubt Demian Walters (the guy in the video) is such a person! The things he can do just flat out amazes me........watch the video and let me know what you think.


Jordan Vezina said...

I'm not easily impressed, but that was incredible.

Rapid Results Fitness - Betsy Collie said...

Ok FREAK!!!!! Luv it!!!! Can you say he is wanted by every cirque du solei, stunt act, oly gymnast, and all around elite athlete! VERY cool1 This kind of video just pumps me up and inspires me to say yes i can! Awesome positive energy and great talent and skill! Love how awesome our bodies are made! Higher being for sure in charge to create us humans with such immeasurable possibilities!

Franz Snideman said...

Jordan, yes my friend...totally amazing!

Betsy...God is amazing what he did with the human body indeed! We are designed to do incredible things!!!

Mark Reifkind said...

especially at that level is beyond amazing. it's surreal, otherwordly.
ANd, I swear this is true, I used to DREAM about being able to do things like that when I was a gymnast and didn't think it was possible.
I only wish they had been doing that when I was young. Crazy cool. Love it.

Franz Snideman said...

Mark, I agree.....I too have dreamed about doing stuff like that....even if I could do 5% of what he does it would be an achievement to say the least!

Like I said on the forum, listenting to you speak is always inspirational and beyond informative. You have forgotten more info on strength and conditioning than most people know.

Great seeing you and Tracy in San Diego last weekend.....wish we could do it more often :)

Mike T Nelson said...


I LOVE that video. Amazing!!

I did a full interview with him on my site and you can get it here for FREE http://su.pr/96MKIy

Glad the RKC was great! Hell ya
rock on
Mike T Nelson PhD(c)

Franz Snideman said...

Mike, you did an interview with him...that is awesome!!!!

Mike T Nelson said...

Yes, I did the interview. Very nice chap!
Rock on
Mike T Nelson PhD(c)

Franz Snideman said...

Mike, that is awesome!

Lolanose said...


I'm a big fan of yours (and Jordan V's). Here is a video of early Parkour derived from Herbert's Methode Naturelle (he was a fitness guru who trained French soldiers before WW I). Anyhow, many of the functional strength philosophies of Parkour, RKC, MovNat, overlap. Which is a good thing.