Monday, April 02, 2007

The Old School Dumbbells

Yoana and I have a friend named Enrique Hernandez, a former world champion Powerlifter, who owns a used fitness equipment store in Chula Vista, CA. The cool thing about his store is that in the back he has a "dungeon" gym; no mirros, no fancy equipment, just hardcore weights and iron. He has an old set of the round circus looking dumbbells from the turn of the last century. Just walking into his gym makes you feel stronger. He had a set of 150 pound dumbbells that I picked up one a time; damn those things were heavy. I imagine the feeling I get walking into Enrique's gym is similar to what I would get when I walk into Westside or all the other powerlifting underground dungeons in the rest of the world. You know that when there is GIANT bowl of chalk that there is some serious lifting going on.

Amen to the DUNGEON gyms that are out there. No fluff, just serious, hardcore training!


I decided to take Yoana's saturday morning class and it was a cooker. It was right out of our book and DVD's the Revolution KB Fat Loss Program.

It was the Level II, Routine A:

Double Attack Jump + Double Clean + Double Military Press 5
Windmill 3/3
Single Bent Over Row 8/8
One Arm Swing Ladder 1,1 2,2 3,3 4,4 5,5

x 3 sets

Prone Bear Walk with KB's 6/6
Single Leg Deadlift 5/5
Farmer's Walk down the block
Star Jumps 5
Triceps (didn't do these - didn't want to)

x 3 sets

I used the double 24kg's on all lifts - very challenging. I forgot what a butt kicker these workout are from our program.

If you have not bought our book and DVD, what are you waiting for. These workout will absolutely get you into AMAZING shape and with summer right around the corner, why wait. You can get the book and DVD by clicking this link:

Revolution KB Fat Loss Program Book and DVD


Royce said...

nice. those dumbells look awesome.
Dungeon gyms are awesome, wish I knew of some around here. I'm surrounded by Bally's and LA Fitness places. UGH

Franz Snideman said...

Yeah, I hear you Royce. People honestly think those gyms are REAL gyms. How sad. The true gyms are the dungeons we never hear about.

Royce said...

Word of mouth, those places don't advertise. They don't want the masses there anyway!

I found a dym that was advertising itself as a powerlifting/strongman friendly gym close to my house. I got axcited and went. 90% machines but they did alo chalk on the bars. that was th eonly thin that seperated it from a comercial gym. LOL

Franz Snideman said...

That's funny. Well, at least they have chalk there :)

Ken Black said...

Those bells look sweet Franz! How thick were the handles on them?

Franz Snideman said...


the handles were not too thick. The sheer weight is what made it hard to pick up.

Tom Shook, RKC said...

Nice old school dumbells Franz! Got to get a picture of you bent pressing one of those babies!

Brandon said...

Where is the place is CV? I'm looking to buy some used equipment? I wouldn't mind seeing the gym either.

Franz Snideman said...


here is the address:

Wholesale Fitness
131 Broadway
Chula Vista, CA 91910

the owner's name is Enrique Hernandez, a very cool man.

Mark Reifkind said...

updates please!