Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pistol Progressions and Tips | Yoana Snideman

In this video Yoana explains how to progress from a pistol on a high box, to a low box and then eventually all the way down to the ground. The pistol is one of the best single leg exercises you will ever do. Is it challenging? Big time. But if you get this exercise down you will not only have a highly powerful strong set of legs, you will have legs with muscle and less bodyfat.


Blake and Hollie said...

WOW! Totally amazing.I tried this and nearly fell on the ground. I am just starting out though :) I have been doing the Quick Results video every morning for the past couple of weeks and I really enjoy it (with a 15lb). My Mom and Dad live in Russia 6 months out of every year and said they see kettlebells in every bathroom of their friends houses. I guess it is a common use of exercise for them. This blog is very encouraging.

Franz Snideman said...

Blake and Hollie,

Awesome that you are using the Quick Results Video every morning. no doubt you are getting a great workout. Yes, in Russia kettlebells are as common as Vodka and Pickle Juice :)

Thanks for the feedback and glad this blog is encouraging you guys to be your best!!!!!

Please keep us informed on your progress!

John Maher said...

All of your videos are so helpful. I love trying the workouts after watching them at home, and have added some into my daily routine. Thanks for the lessons! You guys rule!

afslater said...

I had been looking for a demonstration of "pistol"; Yoana's video presentation is great. Someone recently directed me to this site for additional kettlebell information. I've been using them for about three months and I am hooked for life :-D.

B. Ramana said...

Excellent! Your posts are superb. Thank you!