Thursday, August 13, 2009

Great Video about Moving Naturally

Found this cool video from RKC Os Aponte's Facebook page. Really makes you want to run around in the wild and feel primal! It is such a cool time to be alive right now because we can use the base of knowledge we have about health, physiology and training and take it outside and move, have fun and explore our bodies and what they are capable of. The only thing I would change from the guy in the video is that I would wear my Vibrams's outside to have a bit of foot protection.

In this video you will see the guy use all of his bio-motor abilities:
* Strength
* Power
* Coordination
* Agility
* Endurance
* Mobility
* Flexibility
* Speed

and tons of different types of movements:

* Squating / Lunging / Stepping
* Crawling / Rolling / Flipping
* Sprinting / Jumping / Walking / Running
* Pushing / Pulling / Climbing
* Throwing Objects / and more.....

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Boris T. said...

I've seen this stuff a while ago and been intrigued by it. I'd love to give it a go sometime, possible even attend one oh his future seminars if funding and time allows.

Certainly want to swim with a log in the river. :)

Franz Snideman said...

Boris....yeah...looks totally cool!

Makes me want to go outside now and run around and climb, jump, crawl and swim

Roguetraining&coaching said...

Wow, amazing! Me too, Franz. Thanks for posting it. Btw, also for your tips on the Pistol, I'm getting there. :-)
Rob B.

Franz Snideman said...


Glad the pistol videos helped you!
Keep me posted on your progress!


Eric Kenyon RKC said...

Franz, it was great seeing you and Yoana at the RKC. That woods runnin' video is really interesting. Strangely, it actually reminds me of the stuff I use to do when I was a welder. I used to have to climb all kinds of weird structures while I was building them, and crawl into big machines and sculptures. I did all this while dragging heavy lines, tools and equipment. Once in place I would swing hammers, maneuver steel beams and other heavy parts, do very precise fitting and welding, turn huge clamps and wrenches etc. Of course this would go on for an 8 to 12 hours day, and 5 or 6 days a week. So I was doing the urban-industrial, slow and heavy version of that video.