Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Training

In keeping with my goal of building up to 200 High pulls with the 20kg I was able to get 180 today. Next week will be 200 and then I will back off a couple of weeks and try and get my volume up to 300 reps in the RIF range!

A-1 Chin Ups
28kg 5 x 3

A-2 Clean and Press
20kg 5 x 5/5

B-1 High Pulls
20kg 9 x 10/10 = 180 reps.

Unlike last week, today felt great. I got in a "zone" where I felt like my endurance was great and could have done many more sets!


Mark Reifkind said...

the Rif Range, I like it, lol! Now that I see you're coming I have some work to do franz, thanks for the inspiration!

Franz Snideman said...

Only trying to keep up with you Rif!

You have set the Gold Standard, now we just have to reach that standard ;)

Mark Reifkind said...

thats a very nice thing to say franz and I apreciate the kind words.glad to see this new approach is helping your back too.
the more I read mcgill the more I appreciate chek!

Geoff Neupert said...

Where do you think your snatch numbers are with the 24kg, Franz?

For your wrist and elbow, do 6 position ankle circles and open chain knee circles from R-Phase--you'll see why when you go.

Franz Snideman said...


there is obviously something to having back stability with ENDURANCE. That is the key, having both qualities and training them accordingly!

Geoff, I can easily bang out 50 non-stop reps with the 24, definitely lower than I was able to do earlier in the year and the RKC. Getting 30/30 with the 24 used to be a easy. Because I have been sticking with lighter loads to help and increase the healing of my back, my numbers with the 24 are low. I will do the Z exercises you mentioned and post the results! Thanks brother!