Monday, March 12, 2007

Double KB Front Squats

PIC of Yoana's Saturday Morning Class. Yoana let me take her class out to the track; big fun!

I have a new favorite exercise; the double KB Front Squat. Although it can put alot of load on the spine, I find that with a reasonable and smart weight it gives me the perfect balance between my quads, hamstrings and glutes as well as the spinal erectors. This "Big Bang Exercise" really should be a staple in most people's program in my oppinion. The fact that you are stabilizing and keep two seperate weights close your chest and shoulders requires a tremendous amount of core strength and endurance. RKC Team leader Ken Black really taught me the importance of digging in equally with the entire foot, and man has it made a difference. My pee wee herman legs are starting to look a little better and more importantly, they feel STRONGER.

A-1 Double KB Front Squats

24kg's 4 x 5 reps

B-1 Weighted Pull ups

32kg 2,2,2,2,2 = 10 reps

C-1 Reverse Lunges

16kg's 3 x 8/8

Saturday: Speed Day at the track

Warm up = 15 minutes

3 x 40 meters

1 x 100 meteres (flying - meaning that I started from a running start)

1 x 150 meters

This was the first time that I had put my spikes on all year. Felt Great!

I have a track meet coming up next month in April so time to get used to the spikes.

I loved it, felt awesome!


Pete Diaz, RKC said...

Looks like a fun group of people, Franz!

Double front squats are a solid exercise, definitely. Not surprising that Ken had another tidbit of information. That man is like Felix the Cat with his mental bag of tricks.

Mark Reifkind said...

man I agree and can't wait til the day I can do squats again but dude you GOT to stop worrying about the size of your legs, lol!
I think 2 kb front squats are one of the best AB exercises there is as well.

Franz Snideman said...

Yes Pete, a fun group indeed!

come on brother, every man gotta's have a good pair of wheels on him :)

Tracy said...

Franz, Thanks for reminding me of this exercise.

I've been lovin' the double clean and press on Thurs., so I'll have to make up a combo using all three. The double swing, db clean, press, and db squat! Thanks again, Tracy

Franz Snideman said...

Your welcome Tracy. I think Double KB Front Squats are one fo the top 5 exercises that people should be performing. There are so many benefits to doing them.


Royce said...

True dat, KB squats are much harder than barbell front squats. I can't wait to pair my kbs. Good jobs on the squats man.

Tom Shook, RKC said...

I agree with all of you on the front squats. KB's make them feel really good, I always hated barbell front squats. For an added piece of heaven i like to do double KB thrusters sometimes too, but I do low reps mostly, not the long sets a-la X-fit fame.

Tom Shook, RKC said...

PS..nice to see you out at the track again.

Lauren said...

I agree with you Franz. This is one of the best all around exercises for the legs and core. I myself am always looking at different way to get my little legs stronger and more muscular. This has been a great one for me. I have a long way to go now to get back to where I was because of the C-section. 8-(

Looks like the group had a lot of fun!

Franz Snideman said...


great to hear from you. Congrat's on your new baby. Please come by and show us your baby :)

And yes, Front squats rule!