Monday, March 05, 2007

Monday Training...Damn I love ipods!

Yoana and I recently got Ipods. I never knew how awesome these things were. Not only is having alot of your favorite music in one location efficient, now I can download educational Podcasts from so many cool sources. For those of you that have them, I'm sure you can relate.

Pull Ups

24kg 1 rep

40kg 1, 1, 1

Double Front Squats

24's 5, 5, 5

short and Sweet!

Single Arm Jerks

24kg 5/5 5/5
40kg 1/1 1/1


Ken Black said...

The Bulldog back out:) Nice work Franz. Great job on the pullups. The elbow must be feeling better, thats good.

Mark Reifkind said...


nice nice job on the pullups and I know how much fun it is to play with the big poods, but I havent seen much in the way of volume swings for your back rehab/maintenance .....

Franz Snideman said...

thanks Ken. Occasionaly I pull out the bulldog, but only once in a while. Elbows are better. The Bikrams classes are taking care of that.

Franz Snideman said...


you're right. There have been no swings in my program, I guess more from just a lack of desire to do them. The snatches have been helping with the volume. Do you think the swings are better for my back than snatches?