Monday, September 08, 2008

32kg snatches

Decided to test myself on the clean and press with the 32kg......and it didn't go to well.

3 reps on the right / 1 rep on the left

Feels as if the Clean and Press ladders with the 28kg have done nothing to build my strength, at least not with the 32kg. Looks I have to keep pressing on as this could take a lot of time. The DAMN press just doesn't come natural to me....sometimes I feel like I'm going backwards...dammit! Frustration is at an all time high....something is just not clicking with my press. I feel as if my lumbar spine in perhaps keeping me from lifting big. I have had my L4-L5 herniated twice (actaully two severe disc bulges). That disc is basically flatened. I'm wondering if my body just doesn't want me to load it and thus is shutting of neurological flow to my muscles. That is the only thing I can think of.

Oh well, I have my PULLS such as snatches and pull ups to keep me going. Even if my clean and press plateaus (which it has for years), I can contine to get stronger with my snatches and weighted pull ups. Let's face it.............

I am a much better PULLER than I am pusher. I will have to earn the press......and looks like it might take me longer than I expected to press that BULLDOG! I will not give up, but I will not beat myself up if I do not get it soon.
Training Today
Clean and Press
32kg 3 reps right / 1 rep left (left side feels pathetically weak)

Strict military press (no clean)
24kg 5/5 x 3 sets
32kg 10/10 x 3 sets = 60 snatches - these felt great!!!!


Taikei Matsushita said...

I'm slow on 32kg left as well. Few months ago, it was 5 reps right while 1 rep left.

I realized I didn't have a pelvis base on the left side (should have squeezed the left hip). I made sure everytime I press with my left, I have the pelvis bone below my elbow at rack position. This fixed a bit.

Another one, I wasn't pressing straight up. I was pressing out and up. This created unnecessary sticking point at the top and exhausted me on the first rep. This was not a problem with 24kg, however 32kg being huge creates off balance situation at the top.

Key was to do exact same thing with right. I did double 32kg for a few to synchronize both sides.

Anyway, you're not alone who's having this problem. 32kg is a different kind of breed. Every detail's important.

Franz Snideman said...

Thanks Taikei!

I have tried to work on my weak left grip and that has seemed to help with other lifts and little on the press. But I have not focused as much on the left hip as you so accurately described. I will try it and let you know.

I still think my lumbar spine disc issues might have something to do with it. I can do heavy snatches because the time under tension is so low. But when I have to GRIND out a press their is much more constant pressure on my back.

Hopefully this can be overcome!

Thanks for you advice Taikei! Glad to know I'm not the only one who struggles with this problem!

Playing with Iron said...

Hi Franz,

Hang in there! In my experience, it is a very short time between one rep and 3 reps!

What has worked for me:
GTG 32kg single reps on left. (I double the sets on left versus right when my right get too far ahead of my left)
Explosive presses with a lighter weight Training the nervous system to blast through the sticking point.

I envy your pulling. Historically I've been a presser. Last Sunday, I only got half way up with the 20 kg on my foot, and didn't get a clean rep with the 16kg.

Aaron Friday said...

I remember that Taikei worked through some problems with this in the past, so I would obviously listen to him.

Rich makes a good point about working singles. 1 perfect rep, time and time again, is what I would be tempted to do. The way you snatch, I'd say you obviously have the overall strength to press more, just not the specific skill quite yet.

Your goal is "one rep," on demand, with the 40. I believe you can train for it by doing "one rep," on demand, with the 32 ~ One perfect rep, but hundreds of times over many weeks. Maybe that, and start doing "one rep" cleans with the 40 as well.

My personal belief is that repping with close-to-maximal presses using a kettlebell can be quite risky, due to the way that heavy bell likes to shift around. For your vertebrae, supporting a 32kg bell for reps might simply be too much. Your vertebrae not only know best, they'll shut you down when you get greedy.

I'd try the singles.

For reps with a lighter weight, I'd recommended going bottoms up. You can't have bad alignment with a bottoms-up press.

Franz Snideman said...


Thanks for input. I like the idea of doing of doing 32kg GTG all day and just focusing on singles. Makes sense....and is probably the WAY to get stronger, at least that what I intuitively feel.

"Explosive presses with a lighter weight Training the nervous system to blast through the sticking point."

Another great concept.

Thanks for the input Rich. Check back in to see how I do with this info!

Franz Snideman said...


much agreed! Single seem to be the way to go. I did some singles yesterday and they felt WAY better!

thanks bro!

Sean Schniederjan said...

That thing was a #&&$* for me, and I weigh alot more than you!

I GTGd singles alot and then eventually started doing ladders, after a few weeks, the thing starts flying up without as much tension.

Nothing you don't already of luck!