Saturday, September 13, 2008

TSC Results

Another fun and exciting TSC at Revolution. I never get tired of the TSC's because it is so fun to watch people give it their all and set PR's. If you have never been to a TSC or competed in a TSC, you have got to do it!!!!! It's not for sissies that's for sure. And as Mark Rifkeind says, "it's all easy until you start lifting heavy."
Unfortunately we had no women competitors this TSC but the men showed up and represented well.

Mike Baltren BW 224 DL 500 Pull Ups 15 Snatches 116
John Shilling BW 251 DL 500 Pull Ups 6 Snatches 128 (PR in DL)
Alex Wolf BW 231 DL 435 Pull Ups 5 Snatches 125 (PR in snatches)
Murray Birch BW 185 DL 415 Pull Ups 21 Snatches 114 (PR in DL, never did snatches before - yikes. Murray did amazing. Never touches a 24kg KB ever in his life before today)
Os Aponte BW 155 DL 355 Pull Ups 26 Snatches 111 (DL PR - way to go Os!!!!!!)
Mike Pellicio BW 162 DL 406 Pull Ups 17 Snatches 85 (Mike showed up having not trained at all since last TSC- very nice)
Firmen Sowres BW 161 DL 315 Pull Ups 15 Snatches 84 (PR's on everything. Never deadlifted before and never has tested himself like this!
Everyone did awesome! Congratulations to all who competed!


Mike Pellicio said...

Nice work and thanks so much, Franz!

However, I did 17 pull-ups--not 15, which was my goal!

Thanks again.


Jordan Vezina said...

Good work by all.

Franz Snideman said...


thanks for catching my mistake. I fixed the pull up numbers to 17.

Great job again!

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

A very strong group of participants to the say the least!

The folks out there are very fortunate to have Yoana and you offer your first rate facility for this event. Kudos to you two!

Anonymous said...

The guys did represent! I'm glad to see Os set a DL PR!!

And nice job on the heavy snatches, Franz :)