Monday, October 30, 2006

Last Week's Schedule

Saturday - First day on the track!

Today was my first day since the end of July / early August since I have sprinted. My back has been feeling much better so I decided I would do a couple of acceleration sprints at a very low intensity. It's two days later and my back feels fine. Hopefully I will be able to perform one day per week of light sprinting as my goal is to compete next spring in about 6 to 8 track meets in southern california. Of course all depends on how my back responds. If the sprinting starts to hurt back, it may mean that it's to premature for me to start sprinting and that my disc needs more time to heal.

Breif Warm up:
Various Track Drills

4 x 30 meteres acceleration sprints

2 x 40 meters acceleration sprints

That was it, short and sweet. Felt great to be out there, WOW!


A-1 Snatches

16kg 1 x 5/5
20kg 3 x 10/10

B-1 Bottoms Up Press

16kg 2 x 3/3

C-1 Lunges

16kg 2 x 8/8

D-1 Pull Ups 1 x 10


Precor Sprints for 32 minutes (30 sec sprint / 2 min easy)


Joefitness said...

Great to see you on your feet. That alone is progress and this will help me with my program design. I look forward to hearing that your body is positively responding so we can meet up and race in 2007. I need to lose some body fat/weight so that is my short term goal therefore I can run lighter.

Franz Snideman said...

Thanks Joe. Look forward to doing some races together. There is nothing more stimulating (athletically speaking)than lining up in the blocks, listening to...
On your marks..............set...................BAMM!

Lots of fun!