Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More rehab....

Jack Lalanne's advice:

"If they're overweight, normalize that weight. Quit exceeding the feed limit. And exercise is number one! I don't care what you have wrong with you, you can do something - right? Maybe there are ten exercises you can't do, but there are a hundred you can do."

This Quote has really made sense to me this last week. I have been so doom and gloom with my back injury and so AFRAID to do anything, I have sometimes felt paralyzed. But what the hell, Jack is right, there are tons of movements I can do.

Back is feeling better although I can still feel the wound in the lumbar area. I was looking at the MRI today and it really bummed me out to see how little disc space is left betweem L-4 and L-5. I've been in a funk mentally the last week or two feeling a little disouraged about the future of my back. I need to pull out of this funk and realize that this is a good thing. It was a great wake up call to take care of my body instead of abusing my body. With my career as a trainer, working and lifting things all day, plus the training I was doing, it caught up with me. I am anxious to get out on the track and sprint, even more so than lift weight ( although I miss lifting the heavier bells).

I am still doing the same rehab drills from before and have added the following exercises:

Static Lunges
Pull Ups
Incline DB Bench Press
KB Clean and Press
Single Leg Deadlifts
Single Arm Bent Over Rows

The weights are light but I feel they are at least exposing my body to some real life movements. Just doing my job is also rehabing my back. I seem to be tolerating quite well my daily work load. Come friday my back is fatigued but I cannot say I am in any pain which is great. One of the biggest BLESSINGS to come out of this is that I am much more connected to my back in the sense that I have think about what postures I am in all day. I am AWARE of my habits and alignment more than ever. That awareness has almost been curative in itself. I'm convinced that changing you daily movement habits is the true secret to having a pain free body. It takes alot of work and patience but it is very effective.
more to come.....


markrif said...


first off you are lucky I can stop looking at the picture of your wife to write this post!Man you shuld make a poster- of her- not you,lol.

I totally understand your fear aobut moving at all after a seerious back injury. For me , since I was in constant sciatic pain and hurt worse if I didnt stretch I stretched all the time( so THATS where I got this habit, I forgot!). I soon accepted that walking was more more important thatn loading and only did stuff that made my back feel stronger. more stable and less fragile, no matter what it was or was not.

this is when i was into chek so I was doing a lot of stability ball extensions and length tension relationship balancing. working the body assymetrically to balance it. THAT was my workout. I didnt even get under an empty barbell for almost 18 months! But I was squatting,with perfect lumbar curve, on a swiss ball all the time. and it made me feels tronger and better so I did it.

I also found my true center of gravity postition that way and it is still with me to this day. true knowledge.

I too was freaked out by my xray and it took years to get that image out of my head. by visualizing it daily, I think I was reinforcing that sense of it being weak- and it made me weaker! PLUS that was only a snapshot; the body heals, and changes and moves. so what I imagine it to look like now is better than it was then and so should you.

dont get stuck in that image it will keep you from healing.imagine MORE space and more alignment, not injury and lack.

I would really work on balancing the stabilizing systems until you feel strong from the inside and not so fragile.absolute strength is not going to help you here.

and yes taht conciousness that injury brings is an amazing tool, for yourself and you clients.

good luck and keep us updated please.

markrif said...

oh yeah, and I would add in low, light swings( one arm) as soon as you can; and slowly build that volume. jmo

Franz Snideman said...

Thanks Rif. I will add some swings in for sure. I have been doing some swings as I coach them to new clients in that I have to demonstrate them. Instinctively I feel like I need to do them. Ironic how you suggest them.

Yeah I know! I am one lucky guy - my wife is a total BABE! :)

markrif said...

cool, I would suggest more one arm than two arms for that assymetric stabilization.

Ken Black said...

Awesome Franz! I look forward to reading more about it. Talk soon bro.

Franz Snideman said...

I agree Rif. Will add them and keep you posted.

Ken, thank bro. Things are getting better with the back. Hope you are well!

Tom Shook, RKC said...

Franz, sorry about the fact that you injured yourself, but like I said before you have come out of this with a wealth of self knowledge and insight. You will be in great form again in no time. remember there are no setbacks in life, only opportunities to do things differently. Keep your chin up, you are on the right track.
And yes, you ARE a lucky man!
Best wishes.

Joefitness said...

You are insightful, reflective, honest and speak your truth. I admire you Franz and have the utmost respect for you.

Look forward to more.

PS: Cannot wait to sprint with you. BTW, I am much better 0 to 40 than 100 but would love to do the 100 relays.

I would like to discuss with you some of your prior training with the 100

Yoana said...

Thank you guys for the complement!!!!

.... but I am one lucky woman too!

I love you "Flaco bello" :)

Franz Snideman said...

I love you too Flaca :)

Royce said...

Franz, although I don't have the training knowledge that most of the people have that post on your blog I do know about the crap your mind can put you through.

And I have struggled through alcoholism and some stupid personal problems because of it.

Don't let your head interfere with your heart man, it never works out well.

peace man, and happy training.

Sienna Christie said...

How is your back these days? I hope it hasn’t given you any trouble since this post and since it has gotten better. This post should serve as an inspiration to anyone with a major injury. The fact that you were terrified to do anything after you were injured because you thought it might make it worse is understandable, but then you powered through it, and found ways to keep moving without over exerting yourself. I applaud you for your resilience!

Sienna Christie