Sunday, November 19, 2006

More Base Conditioning!

With my recent disc herniation as well as re-reading alot of spinal rehab books and posts from Mark Reifkind Senion RKC, I have come to the conclusion that lumbar spine stability and lumbar musculature endurance are the keys for me in having a healthy pain free back. Since adding more stability work and KB endurance exercises like light weight swings and snatches, my back is certainly on the mend. The concept of building a base as wide as possible is the essential goal for now. It doesn't mean I won't toy around with occasional heavy weights, it just means I will be focused on getting more endurance in those spinal/CORE musculature.

Saturday Training

Clean + Squat + Press
20kg 5 x 5/5

20kg 5 x 10/10 = 100 reps

Single Arm Bent Over Row
24kg 3 x 8/8

Short and sweet. Back felt strong!


markrif said...

sounds like a plan franz. once you have the base solid you can make regular foryas into heavier loads but unfortunately once you blow discs, they are forever vunerable should you fall out of balance. me too bro, it sucks but its good to know how to get out of pain.
and think of all the clients you can help prevent and get out of their pain as well!

Tom Shook, RKC said...

Good insight Franz and Rif. I'm learning something here too.

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