Sunday, November 12, 2006

Tempo Training.....first time since July

This was the first time I had performed TEMPO running since late July. It felt very challenging even though I did not run them too hard. My technique felt fairly good but my conditioning obviously is not there. Felt good to be out there doing it.


10 x 100 yards + various bodyweight exercises for GPP between intervals.

The entire workout took about 30 minutes. Challenging to say the least. I need to be carefull with how much volume I do from week to week. I'm thinking of altnernating my track workouts each week:

Week 1 Speed Day
Week 2 Tempo Day
Week 3 Speed Day
Week 4 Tempo Day

Because of my work schedule I honestly think my body can handle only one sprinting workout per week. So that means that every other week I will run fast. and every other week run for conditioning. This seems to be the most logical method considering my back injury this year. Less is more!


Mark Reifkind said...

good to see you are back in the saddle franz. I agree that once a week is a great starting plan. I would also keep track of total volume on that day and make sure that
1) you wave the loads
2) you make sure you can fully recover from the starting workload before you start upping things.

must feel great to run again, I am jealous :))

Franz Snideman said...


with my work schedule I just don't see training more than once per week at the track. The track workouts plus the gym workout SMOKE me. Much like the Mel Siff quote I always use, I'm trying to find a balanced approach to my training where I progress gradually and where I don't damage my body.

Mark Reifkind said...

franz I would recommend backing down the track work until you find a level of volume that does NOT smoke you and gradually wave that level up. you dont want to be smoked jsut from steppin out on the track.

adjust downard, no matter how hard it is on your ego until you find that level you can recover from easily. jmo


Franz Snideman said...

Thanks Rif! Great insight. You are right, more is not better, especially if I am SMOKED. I do not tolerate volume to well!

Joefitness said...

Balance, a unique concept in training and in life. This can be a ardeous task but it is one worth working through. talk about principles of life, this is a good one and I think your plan at this point is logical and sensical. I am sure you will pay close attention to your volume and make the necessary adjustments.

Plan and simple it is great to see you up and running and therefore progressing.

Nice work Franz