Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ben Stein on O'Reilly Factor about Intelligent Design

This Video is great! I think Ben Stein is one of the great Americans left in the entertainement business today. "Bueller...Bueller....Anyone...Bueller." (I hope some of you got that). Anyway, he is coming out with a movie called " Expelled:The Movie", a story about the growing debate against the Intelligent Design movement(or creationism). This has always been a hot button for me because I feel like the secular scientific community will not even allow you to speak about creationism or intelligent design. In their eyes Evolution explains everything and anything that does not have a naturalistic interprataion is unacceptable. School teachers who question Darwinism are getting fired all over this country. Give me a break! Since when did we trap science in a tiny little box and say "CLOSED", we can learn no more...we figured everything out!

Stein interviews some very respected scientists on both sides of the arguement and from what I can see does a great job on explaining the case for intelligent design.

Some of the greatest thinkers in history of believed in God; Einstein was a believer in God. He the design of the universe was to perfect. Newton beleived in God as did Darwin himself. One only has to look at DNA to see the incredible language that it used to make every living cell of every living organism on this planet.

If I saw a Ferrari washed up on the beach I wouldn't say, "Hey, this is amazing. Look at what billions of years did to this piece of matter, it evolved it into a Ferrari." Of course I wouldn't say that,becuase where there is design there had to have been a DESIGNER!

Monday's Training
Zercher Squats
140 x 5 x 5 sets

BB Military Press
95 x 5 x 4 sets

One Arm Chins with Bands
Green Band x 2/2 x 2 sets

32kg x 5/5 x 2 sets

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Howie Brewer said...

Good video clip Franz (just getting around to watching it). As (soon-to-be) parents, there are many things we have to teach our children. Not everything is taught in school. And does it have to be? That's probably a fault of our society as well. Too many parents get lazy and decide to relegate all education to the schools. Even scary, in my college years I was friends with a lot of education majors and most times, they weren't too bright!! It can be a scary world out there...