Thursday, November 01, 2007


Love this song. Love Coldplay!!

This week has been my first semi-challenging training week in a while. Health is on the upswing - trying to eat zero refined sugar - tough to do, but I need to.

Wednesday Training
Incline Bench Press 155x3x3 sets

32kg 5/5x2 sets
24kg 10/10 x 3 sets

Weighted Chins
20kg x 5 x 2

DBL KB Front Squats
20kgs 5 x 3 sets

Zercher squats 135x5x5 sets
BB Military Press 90x5x3 sets


Aaron Friday said...

Well done, Franz! Heavy and to the point. I hope your health stays on the upswing so you can keep adding plates. Your chinups are very strong, and I'll be chasing you on this exercise.

Howie Brewer said...

Very nice Franz. For someone who was not feeling well, you already performing an impressive routine. Better than most!

Joe said...

Franz, so happy to hear you are feeling better and it is good to see you have some goals and moving forward with them. I am implementing some running back into my life. I am not sure about the competing part but I am going to train to run sprints. Not so adept at the programming portion yet, but learning! I will be checking you out to see what you are doing

Franz Snideman said...

Aaron, thanks bro! My chin ups are okay, but they need to get better!!!!

You'll be there right with me on the chins soon, if you're not already there!

Franz Snideman said...

Thanks Howie,

Yeah I feel like I been able to retain some of my strength. But it's the conditioning that just goes so quickly!

Franz Snideman said...


Sprints? YES! You need to come down to So-cal next spring and run some track meets with me bro!

Joe said...

I would love to run with you but I need some help from you on a PD. PS check out my friends site

he is a track coach in Canada, nice man, and a student of the game.

fawn said...

I am with you on the refined sugar! I don't normally have it in my diet... but I did buy candy for the neighborhood kids on Halloween... of course I ate a bunch! Sugar makes me weak...

Nice looking workout by the way!

Franz Snideman said...

Joe, I will check the speed guy out.
Thanks Bro!

Franz Snideman said...


refined sugar tweaks my a negative way.

Hi name is Franz.............I am recovering sugar addict!