Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Is your Body Built on a Shaky Foundation?

Last Sunday was three weeks in a row on my ZERO sugar diet. I thought I could never do it since I have been a huge sugar eater my entire life. I must admit that it is not easy and that the first 10 days were brutal. I dreamed of sugar, meditated about sugar, WISHED I could have just a little bit. Thank God I did not give in and I must say that I feel a sense of well being that I have not felt in a long while (maybe never). The picture above represents the average American and what their cells look like when raised on a diet of processed food, junk food and sugar. A scary site for sure, but think about it; your cells can only rebuild themselves with the materials that you put in your body. In a weakened state, when the next virus, bacteria, fungus or parasite sets scope on your body, you go down for the count. It's like the tornado in the picture heading toward the wooden house about to fall apart. The BUGS have their way with you and destroy you because your body is weak and sick. Just think of the next time you stuff in a Krispy Kream donut down your mouth. Soon the donut will be the raw material that will build up your eyeball cells, your liver and spleen cells, and every other cell in your body. Do you really want to have the cellular integrity of a Krispy Kream donut?

We are living in exciting times as the amount of incredble health information available is doubling all the time. The problem now is not a lack of information, it is a lack of APPLICATION. So few people are actually eating whole foods and their health is taking a huge nose dive. I take myself for example; here I am arguably one of the healthier people in our country and represent a small minority of people dedicated to teaching and coaching people to optimal health. Well, even with whole foods in my diet I was becomming so sick from the sugar in my diet that it literally was starting to kill off my spleen and reak havoc on my blood sugar. Both blood work and muscle testing attest to this! The bottom line was that I was consuming too much refined sugar and it was starting to destory me internally. The take home points are this:

1) You must find what is stressing out your system and take it out of your diet, PERIOD! "But I like sugar and drinking my double frappachino at Starbucks." Tough! If you want to feel great and rebuild your body with optimal biulding blocks, start first by eliminating the sugar.

2) Take Wheat out of your diet and see how you feel. Most people eat way too much wheat and it destroys their ability to absorb nutrients. It also has the potential to cause your body to attack itself (sounds kind of like an auto-immune disease to me).

3)Being healthy, first and foremost, is about the quality of food you put in your body. How many of us know people that exercise all the time and never look any better or healthier? We all know these people and the reason they never look any better is because they are eating too much or are eating the wrong types of food. These people are NUTRIENT DEFICIENT! People must be tested to find out what foods are currently healthy for them and which foods are not. If people would just start by eliminating the foods that are causing them hidden food allergies and intolerances it would do wonders for their health.

4) Find somone who does NRT (nutrition response testing). I have recently begun to include this NRT with my clients and the RESLUTS are near AMAZING. If you are in the San Diego area and would like to be tested on foods do yourself a favor and come in and see me. It will be very worthwhile for you to find out which foods are causing your system problems and which foods are healthy for you to eat. The days of cookie cutter nutrition programs are gone. We must be totally specific with foods because foods truly are a drug. Just as the wrong prescription drug can kill you, the wrong foods can lead to premature aging and early disease.

We are entering a new era in clinical nutrition where practitioners will be able to keep people from becoming "MEDICAL WRECKAGE" early in life by finding the foods that are over stressing people's bodies and replace them with the healing whole foods that allow the body to heal itself. Whole foods based supplements will also pave the way for improved health as they can fill in the holes per say and get people the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

Monday Training
Barbell Military Press

95 x 4
115 x 4 x 4 sets

Zercher Squats
135 x 5
185 x 4
185 x 3
185 x 3

Weighted Pull ups
98lbs (missed 1 rep by 1 inch)
88lbs 1 rep
BW x 10

Saturday at the Track
Warm up - 15 minutes
Cone Drills (acceleration and de-acceleration around four cones in a box formation) x 6

Speed work
20 yards x 3
30 yards x 3
40 yards x 3
60 yards x 1

Speed Endurance Work
200 yards x 2

Last Friday Training - took off. Body felt weak and tires. Listened to my body!


Tim Anderson said...

Great nutrition post. I'm a nutrition freak; to the extreme.

Your blog makes me want to get back into sprinting. How is the family? Still looking at Z-health?

Joe said...

Yes! That is the way to put it out there and ask real questions and make real challenges!!!

PS: These are some of the many reasons I follow the Warrior Diet, my body speaks volumes to me about what I need. I feel and look much healthier, plus as an added benefit I am stronger and leaner.

I appreciate that you put down real info and do not follow 'any' particular party lines

Dustin Silveri, RKC said...

congrats to you as well, at the RKC, yoanna was barely showing... now she is huge... in a good way! haha

shannon is 20 weeks on friday. First kid for us too... its a boy!!

Franz Snideman said...

Thanks Tim! Nutrition is so essential....In fact...I would say most people overlood its' importance. Z-health? Still thinking about it for sure. Jsut gotta plan it our once the baby comes!

Franz Snideman said...


Yeah man, you gotta find a way of eating that keeps you lean and feeling energetic. For me it's cutting out sugar and bread!

Franz Snideman said...

Thanks Dustin!!! right on for you and Shannon! A boy....he will be lifting KB's soon enough!!!Yeah, Yoana is getting bigger...but she looks beautiful....as I'm sure your wife does as well!

Mike T Nelson said...

Good stuff Franz! The Z Health pool is great, come on in!

"You must find what is stressing out your system and take it out of your diet, PERIOD"

I agree 100%, but it may not be JUST your diet! (Although that is a great place to start).

Great work
Mike N

Iron Tamer said...

"Do you really want to have the cellular integrity of a Krispy Kream donut?"
Brilliant! I will be strealing that one Franz!

Franz Snideman said...

GO ahead and use David! That should be the the "RKC MOTTO" for next year!!!

Kettlebell Lady said...

Great post Franz!
I need a nutritional ass kicking...

Franz Snideman said...

thanks KB Lady! We all need an occasional nutritional butt kicking!


Anonymous said...

NICE post Franz! You are a brave man for eliminating sugar! I'm surprised at how many people think it's unnatural to not eat wheat! I was amazed at how just plain clean I felt after getting rid of the stuff! The results speak for themselves, and there's no way I'd add it back now. You are what you eat, on a cellular level. You definitley put that into perspective, and so concisely. thank YOU! :)

Franz Snideman said...

Thanks Sara! I think people underestimate the power of eating whole foods. People also eat way too much crap and wonder why they feel bad all the time!

Kicking the sugar habit was tough but it was well worth it. It is over one month I have been on this no sugar diet. I'm not sure it's realistic to think I will never have a sugary dessert for the rest of my life, but for now I want to ride this thing as long as I can.