Sunday, August 06, 2006

Friday Speed

Knee is feeling much better. Time to put on the spikes and run some fast ones.

DYNAMIC Hip mobility

3 x 30 meters

1 x 60 meters

2 x 150 meters

Wow, that felt good. My hammies and glutes are going to be SORE! The speed is starting to come but I realize that taking almost 6 years off was a mistake. Lost alot! I am confident that I will get it back, however, it will take a much more disciplined approach and effort. The quality that is the most easily lost is Power and speed, that ability to produce force quickly. I just don't have the POP I had 6 years ago. At times I can sense that it's coming back and other times it feels like it's gone. This is my objective, to get it back and keep it.


Mark Reifkind said...

nice work franz. question: when you were sprinting regularly before did you consistently get sore? is there a training load you associate with adapting to the work and not getting sore?
glad the knee is feeling better.

Franz Snideman said...

Mark, when I run fast, I mean really fast for over 100 meters, I always get sore. I run over 100 meters so infrequently, and in all honesty, it has been 7 years that I've run anything over 100 meters consistenyly. My legs have not adapted to the longer speed runs. I'm okay with 30's and even 60's, 150's are a different story.

I don't recall getting as sore years back, only after meets. Of course when you are setting PR's you are entering territory that you have never been to before so soreness is expected.

Mark Reifkind said...

interesting.are you planning on doing more work above 100 meters regularly as part of your program design? maybe you will adapt again. do you see the longer runs as crucial to your 10.6 100 meter goal?

Ken Black said...

Franz do you always overhead press the kettleblls with an open hand?

Franz Snideman said...


the bulk of my trianing sprints will be less than 100 meters. I am experimenting with adding some longer springs (150-300 meters) as I feel I am reaching higher top speeds when I run them. In the past I have accelerated too fast (which was great for my start) but then faded the last 30 meters. At this stage I would rather have a okay start, and have more gears at the end. Running the 150 meters springs allows me to gradually bring up the speed and work on my GEARS. I want and need more gears in my skill tool box. Oddly enough I feel my turnover improves near the end of the 150's rather than at the beginning. Very exciting revelation for me!

Ken, No, I usually have a closed hand? Why do you ask?

Ken Black said...

I was just looking at the pic from the other day. Just curious;)
Are you doing any overhead pressing at all with the right? Hope the elbow heals up soon.