Monday, July 03, 2006

Sunday Sprints at the Track

Waking up yesterday, looking at the glorious sunny day, knew it was a track day. It has been very humid and hot lately, but I love it. Warming up your body when it is warm is so much easier than when it's cold and dry outside.

track drills (lots of them)
Hip Mobility
(this whole arm up usually takes around 20 to 25 minutes)

30 meter sprints x 3

150 meter sprints x 4 (these were tough)

These were great because one direction I was running into the wind and that was so difficult. The other direction I was running with the wind and it made me run so much faster. So it was a nice nervous system overload, one sprint had resistance while the other one was no resistance. I felt like I was flying when the wind was pushing me on, what an amazing feeling. I am slowly going to start to adding more special endurance runs like the 150's and eventually up to 300 meters. What was also cool was that in running the 150 I was able to hit my top speed and hold it for a couple of seconds. With the 30 meter sprints I usually do, I never get up to full speed where I can OPEN it up and just go for it. Now I know that the acceleration is there so I can start doing a little more endurance runs (yes, can you believe it, that 150 meters is endurance for a sprinter?)

Felt great!

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