Saturday, July 08, 2006

Lunges, Double Snatches + Heavy MB's

I am performing the same four programs for next couple of weeks. I have a difficult time keeping the same movements in, especially with the same loads. Every week I will add one more set. Last week I did 5 sets, this week six.

A-1 Double KB Front Lunges

2 x 20kg 5 reps x 6 sets

A-2 Double KB Snatches

2 x 20kg 5 reps x 6 sets

B-1 MB Shouldering

100 lb. 3/3 x 2 set
150lb. 1/1 x 1 set

C-1 Prone SB Push Away's

5 reps x 3 sets


Pete Diaz, RKC said...

Sounds fun Franz! Have you read Charles Staley's EDT? Have you tried it?

Mark Reifkind said...

why keep the same loads? why not keep the same movements and wave the loads?

Ken Black said...

Nice med ball pic Franz! Any of the sled yet:) Catch you when I get back.

Franz Snideman said...

Thank Pete. Yes, I have used EDT extensively with my clients and myslef Great way to manage workloads and make progress.

Rif, you are correct. I am having a difficult time keeping the same load, mentally it is so boring an my nervous system doesn't like it. I was trying to get up to 10 sets of the same work load and then increase the load. Yuk! I think I am going to start wave loading, just feels better to me.

Ken - have a great trip to Japan. Don't eat too much Sushi! Pic's with sled are coming!

Mark Reifkind said...

when I meant wave the load what I as suggesting was to do work sets with the same load that day, then vary it the next w/o,not necessarily within the same w/o. you get bored easy eh?lol.

Tom Shook, RKC said...

I get bored easily too, way too free spirited to stick to the same loads, sets, reps and sequence. I find that just varying the order of certain drills or tweaking the weight/ reps from one day to the next helps me to have more fun. Probably has prevented me from having huge pr's, but has certainly contributed to longevity...