Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday workout!

Tomorrow I have a competition in Long Beach. I will compete in the 60 meter dash and enter myself in two different heats. Last night ate way TOO much Braziliian Meat at a local Brazillian Steak House so needed to get in a workout to move the body (kind of a pre-meet tune up).

I decided to take Yoana's 9:30am class and asker her if I could design the class (sounds kind of selfish I know, but needed to do specific exercises to help me for tomorrow).

Here was the class:

1st Circuit
Single Arm Over head dynamic Front Lunge 20kg/8/8 for 3 sets
DARC Swings 20kg / 20 for 3 sets
TGU 20kg / 2 for 3 sets

2nd Circuit

Renegade man Maker w/ Single Arm clean 24 kg/ 6 reps for 3 sets
Windmill 20kg/2 x 3 sets
70 meter sprint - 80% x 3 sets

And some Agility Ladder moves!

Felt gret, nice sweat! Look forward to tomorrow!


Mark Reifkind said...

good luck tomorrow, be fast and light! very impressive circuits too. nice work.

hey on another note you never got the message I asked about wheter dragging tires on the sidewalk marked the sidewalks up.
take care


Franz Snideman said...

Thanks Mark. I actually got up there are realized I mixed up the dates. Driving for 2 hours to find up you ended up goofing on the date is not my idea of spending a fun weeked. A definite sign to me that I need to SLOW down and pay more attention to what I am doing. Hopefully I'll catch the correct Competition next week!

Yes, Dragging the tires does scuff up the sidewalk, although too badly.

Mark Reifkind said...

oops. I wasnt just loggin on to give you crap about posting results!! No worries, more time to recuperate and peak!