Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tuesday workout

Needed to get some snatches in. I am going to assist at the June RKC so I need to keep my endurance in the snatches decent, as they will test me as an instructor too. I need to get 52 reps with the 24kg KB. Shouldn't be much of an issue but I don't want to embarass myself either. Better to be in shape going into the Certification.


24kg x 5 / 5 x 10 sets rest 1 minute total = 100 reps (felt great)


24 kg x 2 / 2 x 3 ets Always makes my back feel better & more stable (I think it's due to the unilateral loading. I do better with unilateral work for legs and upperbody in terms of back pain. Now why don't I listen to my body more? This works for me!

Barbell Bent Over Row

95 pounds (felt light) x 10 reps x 3 sets

Great workout - high quality, minimal fatigue(which is nice) and a nice sweat!


J. Kirby said...


Whew! Some serious training going on here. I use to be in top condition when I wrestled in High School... working out 2 to 3 hours a day. Now after a few years and with a college routine I struggle to get 2 to 3 hours a week.

Anyway, I'm your cousin going to school in Utah. I read the recent the article about your wife and did a quick search. I worked in San Diego last summer... it would've been nice to come by and say hello... if I knew you were there.

Good luck with the training...

Kirby Snideman

Franz Snideman said...

Hello Kirby!

My twin brother Keats who lives in phoenix told me you contacted him last year. Very cool!

How exactly are we related - who are your grand parents? This is very interesting. thanks for checking out the blog!


Mark Reifkind said...

Unilateral loading, I believe, is one huge key to strengthening and stabilizing the back and one reason the kbs work better than anything for strenghtening the back in a real life way.

Plus, if you are assytmetrically developed you can easily do more for the weak side.

nice work and that snatch test was no fun at all for me! luckily next time I have to take it( next year) I will be 50 and only have to do 22 reps/side or something easy like that.
being old has some up side :))

Geoff Neupert said...

Don't sweat it Franz, 52 reps should be no problem for you.

What's your plan of attack? Right now it looks like some kind of density program?

Franz Snideman said...

yeah Geoff - I can knock off 30 reps easy with my right hand, my left - at least 25 - shouldn't be an issue - just want to be over-prepared for that test.

10 sets of 5 reps per hand is the plan for now. Than I'll start adding sets.