Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tuesday Workout at the TRACK


Went to the La Jolla High School track today with Yoana and her client Ernie(very fast guy!)
The emphasis of the workout was acceleration and reaction from the start.


2 length of the field strides - very easy
Karioka 80 yards x 2
A Skips - 40 yards x 2
Skipping with bilateral shoulder rotations x 80 yards
High Knees 30 yards x 2
Butt Kickers 30 yards x 2

Joint Mobility:
Hips / Shoulders

Dynamic Flexibility:
Hip Flexors / Adductors /

Acceleration + Deaccleration Drills / Multi -directional Conditioning

Cone Drills = 4 cones spread equally apart (10 yards)
Forward sprint / lateral left / backpedal / lateral right x 2
Forward sprint / lateral right / backpedal / lateral left x 2

Diagnal sprint / lateral left / diagnoal backpedal / lateral left x 2
Diagnal sprint / lateral right / diagnal backpedal / lateral right x 2

That felt great. As a 100 meter (straight away sprinter) I need this multi-directional agility work. I can feel how hesitat my body is to move laterally and in various angles. I MUST continue to do work on multi-directional agility.

Prone Lying Reaction Drill= this exercise is great. All of lie down on our stomachs and we pick one person to be the designated starter. What that means is that if we pick Yoana to start, she gets up and runs as Ernie and myself react to her movement. Clearly she has the advantage as she get to move first and we have to react off her initial move. So the way it worked was that at each distance we each got a turn to move first.

20 yards x 3 reactions (prone)
40 yards x 3 reaction (supine)
60 yards x 3 reaction (prone + supine)

Wow - this was very fun and very difficult. Just ray power and acceleration. Really improves reaction ability and the DRIVE PHASE of the sprintng.

We finished with some medicine ball throws + running. In other words, push press the MB as far as you can, run to the ball and throw it again.

12lb MB throws + running x 100 yards x 5
12kb KB H2H drlls (DARC Swings, flipping, rotation - anything with the bell in the air)

1 sets of STANDING TORNADO BALL chops against a cement wall. As many hits as you can get in 10 seconds.

We were all fried and ready to wrap up the workout. Workout + warm up was exactly 1 hour.


Mark Reifkind said...

man great workout. enjoy being able to run. of all the things I miss not being able do anymore running is at the top of the list,and that includes gymnastics.

Franz Snideman said...

Yeah Mark - sprinting is a blast. It truly is one of my most favorite things to do in life. Did you ever see the movie "chariots of fire" about Eric Little. He said God made him fast and when he ran he felt God's pleasure. In my own kind of way, that's how I feel.

Mark Reifkind said...

yes I did and I know exactly how you feel. I ran a paltry 4 hour 23 minute marathon 6 months after I first started running at 21 then went on to log 100 mile weeks for a couple years, ran a fifty mile training run, a 42 minute 10 k( not great but not terrible) and trained 400 plus miles a week on my bike as I trained for triathlons in boulder and santa fe.

running put in places nothing else could and Gods pleasure is agreat way to put it.

I did see chariots of fire and you HAVE to read Once a Runner by John l Parker. I'm serious dude you have to read this book,.