Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sunday workout!

Decided to get a short recovery workout in. Felt stiff from my drive up to LA the previous day.
I did not end up running in my track meet. When I got up there I realized I had the dates wrong as they were not even running the 60 meter dash. The meet was a RELAY meet with very few individual racing. Oh well, next time I better pay a little more attention and get my dates correct.

Sunday Workout:
KB Military Press

36 x 5/5 x 1
53 x 5/5 x 1
62 x 2/1 (left side felt very weak) x 2

Chin Ups

BW x 8 x 1 (3 seconds pause in the top position) + slow negative
BW x 5 x 2 (3 second pause in the top position) + slow negative


53 x 20 x 1

That was it. Felt good to move, but I felt very weak in the press. Just needed to get the body moving!

Steel Log Clean and Press

90 x 3 x 5 sets (1 min rest between sets)

Single Arm KB Rows

88lb KB x 4/4 x 5 sets (1 minute rest between sets)

KB Snatches

53 x 5/5 x 5 sets (30 seconds rest between sets) felt very good on the snatches

Great workout, Not too heavy. In fact, this week will be a light week due to the fact that I'm starting to run on the track. Hopefully my lumbar spine can handle the stress. Must modify my training if it starts to hurt.

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