Monday, April 10, 2006

I Just felt GROSS!

Have you ever eaten so much at one meal that it literally makes you feel horrible for a couple of days. Well that's what happened. I ate the largest lunch I had eaten in years on Friday and it made feel like the michelin man, or better yet, the state puffed MARSMELLOW Man from the movie Ghostbusters. So I decided to get a brutal workout in to burn off the sluggish feeling. lately I have been doing less circuits and focusing more on one exercise at a time. Today the body was in need of some challenging circuits.

Circuit One EDT Style 15 minutes

Swings 10 reps w/ 53lb KB
Double KB Front Squat 5 reps w/2 x 36lb. KB's
Keg Military Press 5 reps w/ 50lb. Keg
Rope Waves 20 reps

*Was able to complete 6 full circuits in 15 minutes. Challenging but just what the Doctor ordered.

Circuit Two EDT Style 15 minutes

Sledgehammer Chops on Tire 10/10
Tire Flips 4
Double Clean w/ 20kg KB's 5

Again, was able to complete 6 full rounds. Burned alot of calories. I felt worked!!!!!

Sunday morning

90 minute bike ride by the ocean with my lovel wife. I can tell how much quads don't like the bike :)


Mark Reifkind said...

ah yes, burn off the poison. thats another nice thing about warrior diet- dont have to worry about too big of a lunch so that lethargy sets in,lol! thanks for the updates slacker,lol.

Franz Snideman said...

yeah, yeah .. I know. been lazy on the blogging. That happens you know when you're trying to run a business, stay in shape and finish a book that should have completed 3 months ago :)