Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Wow,the sprinting I did on Sunday smoked my nervous system. I forgot how sore the obliques ge from sprinting the curve, holy moly!!!!! Looking forward to the track meet this Saturday!


Circuit 1
Tire Flips 6
Rope Waves 30
Band Sprints 20 seconds
Farmers Walks 2 x 24kg

completed 2 circuits

Circuit 2
Standing Single Arm Tire Bench Press in lunge position 8/8
Assisted Band sprints w/partner 1 city block
MB Toss and Run 1 city block
Power Wheel 30 seconds

Completed 1 circuit

Station Training

KEG Shouldering 70lb. Keg 3/3 x 2
KEG Snatch and Press 5 x 1
Fitter Lateral 2 x 30 seconds

That's it. Felt good, but my body is tired.


Joefitness said...

Love it! It sure is fun to play ;-). Good luck this weekend!

I want to get a hip sled to do some pulls and throw in the sandbags and maybe even a wheelbarrow for more strength and conditioning. I love the kegs, tires and ropes. But first and foremost I have to do my KB work 3days, but want to figure a way to incorporate some of these other fun and serious s&c exercises.

Franz Snideman said...

thanks Joe. Track meet should be fun!

KB's, Kegs, Tires, Ropes, it's all fun bro.

Ken Black said...

Hey Good luck this weekend Franz!