Monday, April 17, 2006

Sunday Sprint

Track meet coming up next weekend - so I needed to get at least one workout in before the meet. Have sprinted in a couple of months.

20 min warm up

4 acceleration sprints (gradually increasing the speed)

10 meters x 2

30 meters x 1

60 meters x 1

150 meters x 1

the back of my left knee was feeling goofy, so I couldn't turn on the burners like I wanted to. Overall it was not bad considering the long lay off and knee issue. The 150 was killer. I need alot more overdistant work like that. my weakness is not my first 60 meters in the 100, it's the last 40. Definitely need to do alot more quality 150's.


Geoff Neupert said...


What does a typical training program for your 100m look like? You mentioned "over-sprinting." Are you in favor of a John Smith approach--lot of lower distance run at a very fast pace, or the traditional approach, lots of work above 100m?


Franz Snideman said...

Hey Geoff - I do alot more "fast" and quality runs. Lots of 30's,40's and 60's. The reason I need to do 150's is because I don't like them and never do them. I take the Charlie Franics approach, work on speed first, speed endurance last. If you have no speed to endure, what's the point of doing endurance. But, I think at this state I would get alot out of 150's.

Geoff Neupert said...

I tell you what, Franz--it's amazing how many people don't understand that simple concept, especially on the college level. I could tell you some stories about some of the "training programs" I saw for 100m guys when I was coaching...

Joefitness said...

Great concept franz, love Francis...many great ideas. Trained with his fellow Cannuck, Brent Macfarlane, very cool guy