Sunday, May 07, 2006

MB Training

30 minutes before the TSC I got in a quick workout. Pulled out the 100 pound MB, and thank God, hallelulia!!! It did not hurt my elbows like it has in the past. My elbows can finally tolerate the 100 pounder.

TGU with 100lb. MB on chest. This was done obviously holding onto the MB with both hands. Tremendous CORE workout. Alternated reps by lunging up with right leg and then left leg. Coming down I just bear hugged the MB and squatted down in to the supine position.

1oolb. x 1/1 x 3 sets

MB Shouldering (alternating sides)

100lb. 3/3 x 3 sets

Bench Press

Warm up: 135 x 5

185 x 3 x 2 sets
185 x 5 x 1 sets

Felt Awesome. Amazing how anabolic and PUMPED up I felt in my legs /arms / shoulders from the heavy MB Turkish Get Ups and MB shouldering. That heavy MB work was just what the doctor ordered!

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Joefitness said...

Creativity is a great thing, and you are creative in your approach. I read a great article by Vern gambetta in this months Outdoor Mag with Landon Donovon on the cover. He talks about traning movements and the importance of progression, all I have is Rif in my head telling me the same Check it out! I need to get back on the

Awesome job with the TSC, great numbers across the board and nice too see Revolution put on a great event!

See you in 2 weeks, Tell Yo hello